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Greta Garbo's Feet & Other Stories

Meaghan Delahunt


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Demanding Democracy

Christopher Silver


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From Boy to Man

Colin Kirkwood


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The Sands of Time

Greta Kirkwood Andresen


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Word Power Events Archive

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Events in this category

Word Power Books Farewell Event
9/4/2017 17:00

Celebrate the Life and Work of Rabbie Burns at the Radical Burns Nicht Supper in Edinburgh, Scotland
25/1/2017 19:00

Public forum on Greek Resistance, in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/12/2016 18:00

Poetry reading with IAN BROWN, BASHABI FRASER and MARIO RELICH in Edinburgh, Scotland
17/9/2016 00:00

LESLEY RIDDOCH delivers the Thomas Muir Memorial Lecture in Edinburgh on the 251st anniversary of Thomas Muir's birth (24.08.1765)
24/8/2016 19:00

JOHN O'BRIEN, CAMPBELL GEMMELL, CHRIS WEST & TESSA TENNANT discuss VISIONS 2100: Stories from Your Future, in Edinburgh, Scotland
20/7/2016 18:00

GAVIN BOWD launches his latest book, The Last Communard: Adrien Lejeune, the Unexpected Life of a Revolutionary, in Edinburgh, Scotland
30/6/2016 18:30

CAILEAN GALLAGHER, AMY WESTWELL and RORY SCOTHORNE discuss their book, Roch Winds: A Treacherous Guide to the State of Scotland
23/6/2016 19:00

Public discussion on The Future of the Unions: the Power of Citizens and the UK-EU Referendum, in Edinburgh, Scotland
16/6/2016 18:00

MONIKA SZYDLOWSKA, a Polish visual artist and a comic discusses challenges of being an expat in the UK
9/6/2016 18:30

MATTHEW ASPREY GEAR launches At the End of the Street in the Shadow: Orson Welles and the City, in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/6/2016 18:30

SARAH IRVING and RAPHAEL CORMACK discuss The Book of Khartoum: A City in Short Fiction, in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/6/2016 18:00

ANDREW REDMOND BARR launches his book, Summer of Independence: Stories from a Nation in the Making, in Edinburgh, Scotland
1/6/2016 20:00

ALEKSANDRA LOJEK, ANNA WROBLEWSKA and KASIA KOKOWSKA discusss Polish literary reportage, in Edinburgh, Scotland
26/5/2016 18:30

CLIFF SLAUGHTER launches his latest book, Against Capital: Experiences of Class Struggle and Rethinking Revolutionary Agency, in Edinburgh, Scotland
11/4/2016 18:00

JENNI FAGAN launches her new novel, The Sunlight Pilgrims, and her book of poems, The Dead Queen of Bohemia, in Edinburgh, Scotland
9/4/2016 19:00

SASKIA GOLDSCHMIDT reads from and discusses The Hormone Factory, in Edinburgh, Scotland
22/3/2016 17:00

GEORGE MONBIOT discusses issues raised in his latest book, How Did We Get Into This Mess?, in Edinburgh, Scotland
16/3/2016 18:30

CHRISTOPHER SILVER and DAVID GREIG in conversation at the Edinburgh launch of Demanding Democracy: The Case for a Scottish Media
9/3/2016 18:30

Celebrate International Women's Day with a dinner and Sister Acts in Edinburgh organised by Word Power Books
8/3/2016 19:00

JULIET JACQUES discusses her memoir, Trans, in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/2/2016 18:00

ROBIN YASSIN-KASSAB discusses Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War, in Edinburgh, Scotland
4/2/2016 18:30

DAWN FOSTER discusses her book, Lean Out, in Edinburgh, Scotland
30/1/2016 12:00

Celebrate the Life and Work of Rabbie Burns at the Radical Burns Nicht Supper in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/1/2016 19:00

LINDSAY MACGREGOR reads from her poetry pamphlet, The Weepers, in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/1/2016 12:00

EMILY CHAPPELL discusses her book, What Goes Around: A London Cycle Courier's Story, in Edinburgh, Scotland
21/1/2016 18:30

JACK UNDERWOOD reads from his debut collection, Happiness, followed by Q & A, in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/12/2015 18:00

STUART A. PATERSON and HUGH McMILLAN read and entertain with poetry and stories, in Edinburgh, Scotland
5/12/2015 13:00

COLIN KIRKWOOD launches his book of poems, From Boy to Man, in Edinburgh, Scotland
5/12/2015 11:45

BILLY BRAGG launches his latest book, A Lover Sings: Selected Lyrics, in Edinburgh, Scotland
26/11/2015 18:30

PAUL KAVANAGH, aka WEE GINGER DUG, launches Barking Up the Right Tree, in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/11/2015 18:30

Book Launch - The Language of Asylum: Refugees and Discourse, in Edinburgh, Scotland
19/11/2015 17:30

GEORGE GUNN launches The Province of the Cat: A Journey to the Radical Heart of the Far North, in Edinburgh, Scotland
9/11/2015 18:00

DAN RAYMOND-BARKER and DAVE SMITH discuss Blacklisted: The Secret War Between Big Business and Union Activists, in Edinburgh, Scotland
4/11/2015 13:00

EVE RICKERT and FRANKLIN VEAUX discuss their books, More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory, and The Game Changer: A Memoir of Disruptive Love, in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/10/2015 18:30

PAULA JENNINGS and PETER JARVIS read from their latest collection of poems, Under a Spell Place and Nights of a Shining Moon, in Edinburgh, Scotland
11/10/2015 15:00

Translation, translation! An event about poetry and languages with Wojciech Boros and Russel Jones, in Edinburgh, Scotland
11/10/2015 14:00

ALEX SALMOND MP delivers the Thomas Muir Memorial Lecture in Edinburgh on the 250th anniversary of Thomas Muir's birth (24.08.1765)
24/8/2015 19:00

13/8/2015 18:30

ANNABELLE GURWITCH, author, playwright and actress discusses her work, in Edinburgh, Scotland
13/8/2015 17:30

Join poet NALINI PAUL and artist CATHERINE HILEY for the launch of their collection of poetry and art, The Raven's Song, in Edinburgh
28/7/2015 18:30

Love Like Hate, an Australian band, play in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/7/2015 18:30

Polish writer MARIUSZ SZCZYGIEL, author of Gottland, and his translator, ANTONIA LLOYD-JONES, in conversation, in Edinburgh
30/6/2015 18:30

Book launch and round table discussion on Radical Politics and Citizenship in Europe: from the Balkans to Scotland
19/6/2015 18:00

BARRY PHILLIPS, author of The Tartan Special One and GRANT HILL, author of Clubbed to Death, read from their hilarious books, in Edinburgh, Scotland
18/6/2015 18:30

PETER LINEBAUGH discusses Enclosing from Above, Commoning from Below: The UK and the Commencement of the Anthropocene, in Edinburgh
17/6/2015 18:30

JIM C. WILSON reads form his latest poetry collection, Come Close and Listen, in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/6/2015 14:30

Award winning Polish poet TOMASZ ROZYCKI reads from and discusses his work in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/6/2015 13:00

STEWART BREMNER discusses his book, The Early Days of a Better Nation, in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/5/2015 18:30

JAMES KELMAN launches his latest short story collection, A Lean Third, in Edinburgh, Scotland
8/5/2015 18:30

STEPHANIE ARSOSKA, ELLIE DANAK and ALISTAIR FINDLAY launch Campaign in Poetry, in Edinburgh, Scotland
30/4/2015 18:30

ALEXANDER MOFFAT and ALAN RIACH discuss J.D. Fergusson's Modern Scottish Painting, in Edinburgh, Scotland
29/4/2015 18:30

PEDRO SERRANO reads from his latest poetry collection, Peatlands, and is joined by his translator, ANNA CROWE, in Edinburgh, Scotland
22/4/2015 18:30

CAROL FOX launches her book, Memoirs of a Feminist Mother, in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/4/2015 18:30

NORA CHASSLER launches her latest novel, Grandmother Divided by Monkey Equals Outer Space, in Edinburgh, Scotland
30/3/2015 18:30

TESSA RANSFORD launches the 4th issue of the zine, Northern Renewal, in Edinburgh, Scotland
27/3/2015 18:30

ALEX SALMOND does a book signing of The Dream Shall Never Die: 100 Days That Changed Scotland Forever, in Word Power Books, Edinburgh
25/3/2015 14:30

KATARZYNA KOSMALA, editor of Sexing the Border: Gender, Art and New Media in Central and Eastern Europe, is in conversation with MARIA HLAVAJOVA and RAEL ARTEL, in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/3/2015 18:00

Emma Saunders, Dominic Hinde, Ellen Young and Lee Bunce launch Potential Energy: The Politics of Energy in Scotland, in Edinburgh, Scotland
21/3/2015 13:00

LARA PAWSON, author of In the Name of the People: Angola's Forgotten Massacre, in conversation with Dr. RAQUEL RIBEIRO, in Edinburgh, Scotland
17/3/2015 18:00

BEN O'CEALLAIGH discusses the Irish language and its minoritised state, at the Edinburgh Festival of Ireland 2015
14/3/2015 12:00

NIALL WHELEHAN speaks on the Fenians and the Irish Revolutionary Tradition and the Wider World, at the Edinburgh Festival of Ireland 2015
13/3/2015 18:30

PADDY BORT discusses Hamish Henderson and the Irish Connection, at the Edinburgh Festival of Ireland 2015
12/3/2015 18:30

ALLAN ARMSTRONG discusses In the Footsteps of James Connolly, at the Edinburgh Festival of Ireland 2015
11/3/2015 18:30

Celebrate International Women's Day with a dinner and Sister Acts in Edinburgh organised by Word Power Books
8/3/2015 18:00

ANNE SCHWAN launches her latest book, Convict Voices: Women, Class, and Writing About Prison in Nineteenth-Century England, in Edinburgh, Scotland
6/3/2015 18:00

Celebrate the Life and Work of Rabbie Burns at the Radical Burns Nicht Supper in Edinburgh organised by Word Power Books
25/1/2015 19:00

PETER GEOGHEGAN launches his book, The People’s Referendum, in Edinburgh, Scotland
9/12/2014 18:30

ETHAN GUTMANN and DAVID KILGOUR discuss mass killings, organ harvesting, and China's secret solution to its dissident problem, in Edinburgh, Scotland
27/11/2014 19:30

ALAN GILLIS and MIRIAM GAMBLE launch their poetry collections, Scapegoat and Pirate Music, in Edinburgh, Scotland
27/11/2014 18:00

JETHRO SOUTAR and RACHAEL McGILL discuss all things literary, Latin American and football and more, in Edinburgh, Scotland
18/11/2014 18:30

DAVID HERD discusses The View from Dover, a talk on place, movement and belonging in contemporary British culture, in Edinburgh, Scotland
14/11/2014 12:30

ANYA LIPSKA talks about her books and discusses contemporary Polish crime writing, in Edinburgh, Scotland
17/10/2014 18:00

CHEN XIWO discusses his PEN Award winning English language debut novel, The Book of Sins, in Edinburgh, Scotland
11/10/2014 12:00

GEORGE MONBIOT discusses his latest book, Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life, in Edinburgh, Scotland
8/10/2014 15:00

Come to our Independence Tea Party on the day of the Scottish Referendum Vote 2014, in Edinburgh, Scotland
18/9/2014 16:00

MARIO RELICH launches his book of poems, Frisky Ducks and Other Poems, and TOM HUBBARD launches his latest novel, The Lucky Charm of Major Bishop, in Edinburgh, Scotland
30/8/2014 12:00

MARTIN FOWLER launches Scotland the Brave: A Graphic History of Scotland 1514-2014, in Edinburgh, Scotland
29/8/2014 18:30

CAT BOYD and JENNY MORRISON launch their book, Scottish Independence: A Feminist Response, in Glasgow, Scotland
26/8/2014 18:30

Film screening of Scotland Yet: A Film About Independence by Jack Foster and Christopher Silver, in Edinburgh
7/8/2014 19:00

DAVID GREIG hosts the launch of Inspired by Independence: Artists and Writers Imagine a Better Scotland, in Edinburgh
10/7/2014 19:30

GHAREEB ISKANDER, JOHN GLENDAY and KRYSTELLE BAMFORD launch This Room is Waiting: Poems from Iraq and the United Kingdom, in Edinburgh, Scotland
30/6/2014 18:30

ANGIE ZELTER launches her latest book, World in Chains: The Impact of Nuclear Weapons and Militarisation, in Edinburgh, Scotland
26/6/2014 18:30

CHRIS BAMBERY discusses his latest book, A People's History of Scotland, in Edinburgh, Scotland
18/6/2014 18:30

EILEEN M TAYLOR discusses her debut novel, Footprints on the Moon, with ELLEN GALFORD, in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/6/2014 18:30

MEENA KANDASAMY, poet, writer, activist and translator, discusses her debut novel, The Gypsy Goddess, in Edinburgh, Scotland
22/5/2014 16:00

WITOLD SZABLOWSKI, award-winning Polish journalist, discusses his latest book, The Assassin from Apricot City, in Edinburgh, Scotland
15/5/2014 18:30

GERRY HASSAN discusses his latest book, Caledonian Dreaming: The Quest for a Different Scotland, in Edinburgh, Scotland
14/5/2014 18:30

PAUL KIVEL launches his latest book, Living in the Shadow of the Cross: Understanding and Resisting the Power and Privilege of Christian Hegemony, in Edinburgh, Scotland
11/5/2014 13:00

HILLARY ROHDE launches her autobiography, The Other Side, in Edinburgh, Scotland
30/4/2014 18:30

REGI CLAIRE, BRIAN HAMILL and MIRIAM GAMBLE launch the Edinburgh Review 139: Now Would Be the Right Time, in Edinburgh, Scotland
29/4/2014 18:00

GEORGE KEREVAN and ALAN COCHRANE debate Scottish Independence: Yes or No, in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/4/2014 18:30

MARY DAVIS and ANGUS REID discuss their latest book, A Modest Proposal, in Edinburgh, Scotland
17/4/2014 18:30

CHRISTOPHER HARVIE launches his latest book, 1814 Year of Waverley: How Walter Scott's Novel Changed Us, in Edinburgh, Scotland
10/4/2014 17:30

SONGUL MECIT launches her new book, The Seljuqs, along with Professor Carole Hillenbrand, former head of the Department of Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Edinburgh
2/4/2014 17:30

PETER MAYO discusses Politics of Indignation: Imperialism, Postcolonial Disruptions and Social Change, in Edinburgh, Scotland
27/3/2014 18:00

Poetry readings and discussion on the seventh anniversary of the bombing of Al Mutanabbi Street
5/3/2014 18:00

RICHARD GUNN and MURDO MACDONALD launch the new edition of The Democratic Intellect: Scotland and Her Universities in the Nineteenth Century by GEORGE ELDER DAVIE, in Edinburgh, Scotland
11/12/2013 18:00

MacGillivray launches her latest collection of poetry, The Last Wolf of Scotland, in Edinburgh, Scotland
30/11/2013 18:30

ALLAN ARMSTRONG launches his latest publication, The Ghost of James Connolly, in Edinburgh, Scotland
29/11/2013 19:00

GREGOR GALL launches his latest publication, Scotland the Brave? Independence and Radical Social Change, in Edinburgh, Scotland
27/11/2013 18:30

BOB CANT launches his debut novel, Something Chronic, in Edinburgh, Scotland
22/11/2013 18:30

CHERAN, author of In a Time of Burning, and LUDWIG STEINHERR, author of Before the Invention of Paradise, read from their latest collections of poetry, in Edinburgh, Scotland
9/10/2013 19:30

DR. RAYMOND TALLIS and DR. JACKY DAVIS launch their book, NHS SOS: How the NHS Was Betrayed and How We Can Save It, in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/6/2013 18:00

Appletree Writers launch their first three books, The Harbour, In On The Tide, and Hannah Lavery’s first collection of short stories, Kicked from the Inside, in Edinburgh, Scotland
22/6/2013 11:30

GERDA STEVENSON, BAFTA-winning actor and director, launches her first book of poems, If This Were Real, in Edinburgh, Scotland
21/6/2013 18:00

REBECCA SOLNIT reads from and discusses her latest book, The Faraway Nearby, in Edinburgh, Scotland
28/5/2013 18:30

MIKE SMALL launches his book, Scotland's Local Food Revolution, in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/5/2013 16:00

CHASE MADAR discusses his latest book, The Passion of Bradley Manning: The Story of the Suspect Behind the Largest Security Breach in U.S. History, in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/5/2013 18:30

The creator of Rab C. Nesbitt, IAN PATTISON, launches his latest novel, Unhappy-Go-Lucky, in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/5/2013 00:00

GAVIN BOWD discusses his latest book, Fascist Scotland: Caledonia and the Far Right, in Edinburgh, Scotland
1/5/2013 18:30

Madhu Dutta, environmental justice and labour activist from India, speaks in Edinburgh on the ongoing toxic legacy of Unilever's mercury poisoning in Kodaikanal, India
28/4/2013 15:00

NEIL FAULKNER launches his latest book, A Marxist History of the World: From Neanderthals to Neoliberals, in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/4/2013 18:30

Contributors to In the Footsteps of Anne: Stories of Republican Women Ex-Prisoners, speak in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/3/2013 00:00

Word Power Books launches its latest publication, Unstated: Writers on Scottish Independence, with Scott Hames (editor) and other contributors, in Edinburgh, Scotland
17/12/2012 18:30

A Trans-Atlantic Poetry Evening with JOHN MENAGHAN, ALAN RIACH and IAN BROWN, chaired by BASHABI FRASER, in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/12/2012 18:30

TOM HUBBARD launches The Nyaff and Other Poems, in Edinburgh, Scotland
27/11/2012 18:30

SABRINA CHAP discusses Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction, in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/11/2012 18:30

REGI CLAIRE launches her latest novel, The Waiting, in Edinburgh, Scotland
1/11/2012 18:00

JEAN RAFFERTY in discussion with BASHABI FRASER about her novel, Myra, Beyond Saddleworth, in Edinburgh, Scotland
16/10/2012 18:30

KATHLEEN JAMIE, an award winning author, launches her latest collection of poems, The Overhaul, in Edinburgh, Scotland
11/10/2012 18:30

ARTUR DOMOSLAWSKI launches Ryszard Kapuscinki: A Life, a definitive biography of one of the most significant journalists of the twentieth century, in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/9/2012 18:30

Renowned US activist and trainer GEORGE LAKEY discusses his books, Toward a Living Revolution and Facilitating Group Learning, in Edinburgh, Scotland
18/7/2012 18:30

NURUDDIN FARAH, one of Africa's most highly acclaimed international writers, launches his latest novel, Crossbones, in Edinburgh, Scotland
3/7/2012 18:30

SARAH NEELY discusses Poems, Stories and Writings of Margaret Tait, in Edinburgh, Scotland
13/6/2012 18:30

A Different Jubilee with Ewan McVicar, Alan Gillis, Lorna J. Waite, nick-e melville, Stuart McHardy, and Others..., in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/6/2012 15:30

JENNI FAGAN launches her debut novel, The Panopticon, in Edinburgh, Scotland
16/5/2012 19:00

CHRISTOPHER HARVIE launches his latest book, A Floating Commonwealth, and is joined by MICHAEL GARDINER, author of At the Edge of Empire, in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/5/2012 12:30

Sanjay Verma speaks on the Bhopal Disaster, in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/4/2012 18:30

RON BUTLIN, REGI CLAIRE, JEAN RAFFERTY, BASHABI FRASER, and Edinburgh Napier University Students read on the Worldwide Reading Day for Imprisoned Writer, the Nobel Laureate, LIU XIAOBO, in Edinburgh, Scotland
20/3/2012 18:30

ROBERT GREEN, author of Security without Nuclear Deterrence and A Thorn in Their Side: The Hilda Murrell Murder, and KATE DEWES, speak in Edinburgh, Scotland
14/3/2012 18:00

DENNIS O'DONNELL launches his book, The Locked Ward: Memoirs of a Psychiatric Orderly, in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/1/2012 18:30

JOHN A. BURNETT and CALUM NEILL launch their books, The Making of the Modern Scottish Highlands 1939-1965 and Lacanian Ethics and the Assumption of Subjectivity, respectively, in Edinburgh, Scotland
30/11/2011 18:30

KAMIN MOHAMMADI, an Iranian journalist, reads from her latest book, The Cypress Tree, in Edinburgh, Scotland
25/11/2011 18:30

SAMARENDRA DAS, co-author of Out of the Earth: East India Adivasis and the Aluminium Cartel, speaks in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/11/2011 18:30

Poetry Reading with Jane Mary Wilde, Mary Johnston & Juliet Wilson, in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/9/2011 11:00

A Concert of Poetry and Music: A reading of Bashabi Fraser's epic poem, From the Ganga to the Tay, by Chrys Salt and Donald Smith with Michael Braudy's improvisation on the violin, in Edinburgh, Scotland
9/8/2011 19:00

Alan McCombes launches his latest book, Downfall: The Tommy Sheridan Story, in Edinburgh, Scotland
6/7/2011 18:30

Horace Campbell, author of Barack Obama and Twenty-First-Century Politics, discusses Barack Obama: Between Revolution and Counter Revolution in the World Today, in Edinburgh, Scotland
9/6/2011 19:00

Meaghan Delahunt launches her latest novel, To the Island, in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/6/2011 18:30

Luke Williams launches his debut novel, The Echo Chamber, in Edinburgh, Scotland
26/5/2011 18:30

The Free Association authors, David Harvie, Keir Milburn and David Watts, launch their new book, Moments of Excess, in Edinburgh, Scotland
6/5/2011 19:00

Alan Gillis and Alan Warner launch the latest issue of Edinburgh Review 113: Encounters, in Edinburgh, Scotland
5/5/2011 18:30

The Great Divorce! Poetry with Paul Kingsnorth, author of Kidland, Performance Poetry with Anita Govan, author of Jane, Music and Reading with Doug Johnstone, author of Smokeheads, and others, in Edinburgh, Scotland
29/4/2011 18:30

Alain Claude Sulzer, author of A Perfect Waiter, reads and discusses his work, in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/4/2011 18:00

David Farrier launches his latest book, Postcolonial Asylum: Seeking Sanctuary Before the Law, in Edinburgh, Scotland
15/3/2011 18:00

Reading by a Swiss poet and novelist, Arno Camenisch, and a Scottish short story writer and translator, Donal Mclaughlin, in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/3/2011 14:00

Michael Pedersen launches his latest publication, The Basic Algebra of Buttering Bread, in Edinburgh, Scotland
10/3/2011 19:00

Bob Cant re-launches Radical Records: Thirty Years of Lesbian and Gay History 1957-1987, in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/2/2011 19:00

Rebel Shenanigans - Ceilidh Songs with Ewan McVicar, Eileen Penman, John Greig, Stuart McHardy and Steven Clark, in Edinburgh, Scotland
17/2/2011 19:00

Songs of Peace and Protest with Ewan McVicar, Ian Davison, Murdoch Kennedy, Ukes Against Nukes and Nancy Nicolson, in Edinburgh, Scotland
10/2/2011 19:00

Hilary Horrocks speaks on Vietnam: The Untold Story, in Edinburgh, Scotland
26/1/2011 19:00

Samir Amin launches his three books, Ending the Crisis of Capitalism or Ending Capitalism?, Eurocentrism and Global History, in Edinburgh, Scotland
1/12/2010 19:00

Allan Armstrong launches his new book, From Davitt to Connolly: 'Internationalism from Below' and the challenge to the UK state and British Empire from 1879-1895, in Edinburgh, Scotland
19/11/2010 19:00

Robert Leach launches his latest book, The Journey to Mount Kailash, in Edinburgh, Scotland
15/10/2010 19:00

Award Winning Australian Writer, Alex Miller, launches his latest novel, Lovesong, in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/9/2010 18:00

Morelle Smith launches her new novel, Time Loop, in Edinburgh, Scotland
6/8/2010 18:00

Christopher Cardinale discusses his graphic novel, Mr Mendoza's Paintbrush, in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/8/2010 19:00

Anna Minton discusses her book, Ground Control: Fear and Happiness in the Twenty-First-Century City, in Edinburgh, Scotland
15/7/2010 19:00

Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International, discusses her book, The Unheard Truth: Poverty and Human Rights, in Edinburgh, Scotland
28/6/2010 19:00

Lesley Glaister launches her new novel, Chosen, in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/5/2010 18:00

nick-e melville launches his new book, Selections and Dissections , with guests, Tom Leonard and Rodney Relax, in Edinburgh, Scotland
16/4/2010 19:30

James Kelman launches his latest book of short stories, If it is Your Life, in Edinburgh, Scotland
15/4/2010 19:00

David Troupes launches his latest book of poetry, Parsimony , in Edinburgh, Scotland
5/3/2010 18:00

Paul Stewart and Ken Murphy launch their new book, We Sell Our Time No More: Workers' Struggles Against Lean Production in the British Car Industry, in Edinburgh, Scotland
19/2/2010 19:00

Christopher Harvie discusses his latest book, Broonland: The Last Days of Gordon Brown, in Edinburgh, Scotland
15/2/2010 19:30

Robin Yassin-Kassab reads from his novel, The Road from Damascus, in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/2/2010 15:30

Eurig Scandrett launches Bhopal Survivors Speak: Emergent Voices from a People's Movement, in Edinburgh, Scotland
28/1/2010 19:00

Barbara Ehrenreich launches her new book, Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World, in Edinburgh, Scotland
14/1/2010 19:00

Bhopal Survivors' Movement Study members launch their book, Bhopal Survivors Speak: Emergent Voices from a People's Movement, in New Delhi, India
18/12/2009 18:30

Carole Jones launches her new book, Disappearing Men: Gender Disorientation in Scottish Fiction, in Edinburgh, Scotland
3/12/2009 19:00

An evening of poetry readings with Richard Price, Peter McCarey, David Kinloch and Alexander Hutchison in Edinburgh, Scotland
9/10/2009 19:00

Calder Wood Press presents an evening of poetry with Jayne Wilding, Mary Johnston, Jo Gibson, Irene Brown and Anne Connolly, in Edinburgh, Scotland
22/7/2009 18:30

Poetry Reading with Matt Merritt, Rob A. Mackenzie, Andrew Philip and James W. Wood, in Edinburgh, Scotland
20/6/2009 12:00

Regi Claire launches her short story collection, Fighting It, in Edinburgh, Scotland
18/6/2009 18:30

William McAteer launches his new book, To Be a Nation The History of Seychelles 1920-1976, in Edunburgh, Scotland
16/6/2009 18:30

Nancy Somerville launches her first collection of poetry, Waiting for Zebras, in Edinburgh, Scotland
30/4/2009 18:00

DEAD FUNNY Helen FitzGerald and Rosy Barnes discuss comedy writing, gore and dismemberment, in Edinburgh, Scotland
28/4/2009 19:00

Christopher Whyte / Crisdean MacIlleBhain launches his new book of poems, DEALBH ATHAR / PORTRAIT OF A FATHER, with Irish translations by Greagoir O Duill, in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/4/2009 19:00

Chris Carlsson launches his new book, Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists and Vacant-lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today, in Edinburgh, Scotland
15/4/2009 18:00

Poetry reading with Matthew Sweeney and Jan Wagner in Edinburgh, Scotland
3/4/2009 18:30

28/2/2009 13:00

ALLAN CAMERON launches his new book, In Praise of the Garrulous, in Edinburgh, Scotland
27/2/2009 19:00

Reading, Song and Music with Doug Johnstone, author of The Ossians, in Edinburgh, Scotland
26/2/2009 19:00

Making Words Matter: Margaret Gillies Brown, A C Clarke and Morelle Smith read from their new collections in Edinburgh, Scotland
31/1/2009 12:00

Forest Publications launch their new anthology, Stolen Stories, with a special reading from Craig Bayne, Alison Miller, and Jo Swingler in Edinburgh, Scotland
25/11/2008 18:30

Frank Woods launches Dancer in the Light: The Life of Gerda Pytt Geddes, in Edinburgh, Scotland
15/11/2008 14:00

Patrick Richardson launches Reports from Beyond: A Journey Through Life to Remote Places, in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/10/2008 19:00

Poetry Reading with the Makar Press Writers: Sheila Templeton, Michael Malone and Rowena M Love, in Edinburgh, Scotland
4/10/2008 12:00

Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Going to Extremes: Notes from a Divided Nation & Joe Bageant, author of Deer Hunting with Jesus: Guns, Votes, Debt and Delusion in Redneck America discuss Unmasking the American Myth, in Edinburgh, Scotland
18/9/2008 19:30

Greg Michaelson launches The Wave Singer - a new novel published today! Plus the acoustic section of Hercules Mandarin
1/8/2008 19:15

Pat Rosier, New Zealand author of Poppy's Progress & Poppy's Return, reads and disscusses her work in Edinburgh, Scotland
17/7/2008 19:00

The Eildon Three: Tom Bryan, Julian Colton and Tom Murray read in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/7/2008 12:30

Kapka Kassabova launches Street without a Name: Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria, in Edinburgh, Scotland
10/7/2008 19:00

JAMES KELMAN relaunches And the Judges Said... Essays and Greyhound for Breakfast, in Edinburgh, Scotland
3/7/2008 19:15

Alastair McIntosh launches Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition, in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/7/2008 19:15

Pat Borthwick, Patricia Ace and Hazel B Cameron read from their pamphlets in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/6/2008 12:30

JAMES KELMAN launches his latest book Kieron Smith, Boy in Edinburgh, Scotland
29/4/2008 19:15

ANDREW MURRAY SCOTT launches his new novel, The Big J, in Edinburgh, Scotland
17/4/2008 19:00

JAMES OATES launches his first poetry collection, Wideyback, and MIKE DILLON launches his new novel, Child from Water, in Edinburgh, Scotland
17/4/2008 18:00

LINDA CRACKNELL launches The Searching Glance in Edinburgh, Scotland
27/3/2008 19:00

NORTHERN WRITERS present Brian Hall, author of Life of Brian in Black and White: Fifty Years of Following Newcastle United & Chris Foote Wood, author of Baghdad Trucker. They read and talk about their work in Edinburgh, Scotland
15/3/2008 11:00

SEAN SCULLION launches Liber Malorum: Children of the Apple in Edinburgh, Scotland
14/3/2008 18:00

MEAGHAN DELAHUNT launches her new book, The Red Book, in Edinburgh, Scotland
13/3/2008 19:00

ATIQ RAHIMI, author of A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear & Earth and Ashes, discusses his work in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/2/2008 12:00

For one night only Gregory Norminton reads flash fiction, & Mike Stocks reads strictly sonnets, in Edinburgh, Scotland
16/2/2008 18:00

Joint Launch of Textualities and Edinburgh Review with Hannah Adcock, Rajorshi Chakraborti, Meaghan Delahunt, Anita Govan, Gordon Meade, Daryoush Momenpour & Tom Pow, in Edinburgh, Scotland
14/2/2008 18:30

Bob Cant launches Footsteps and Witnesses: Lesbian and Gay Lifestories from Scotland, in Edinburgh, Scotland
4/2/2008 19:00

Poetry Reading with Jane Mary Wilde, Alan Gay & Mary Johnston at Word Power Bookshop, Edinburgh, Scotland
2/2/2008 12:00

Molly Ludlam launches Couple Attachments: Theoretical and Clinical Studies in Edinburgh, Scotland
26/1/2008 12:00

Words in Context: Three Poets, STAN BELL, IRENE EVANS & ALISTAIR PATERSON read from their pamphlets in Edinburgh, Scotland
3/11/2007 12:00

AILEEN CHRISTIANSON launches her new book Moving in Circles: Willa Muir's Writings
18/10/2007 19:00

MARINA SITRIN reads from her book Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina in Edinburgh, Scotland
8/10/2007 19:00

HARRY MATHEWS, novelist, poet, short story writer, translator and sole American member of Oulipo, launches his book My Life in CIA
4/10/2007 19:00

Word Power Books 10th Birthday Event with KATHLEEN JAMIE, DON PATERSON, BILL DUNCAN, and music from Voces del Sur, a progressive Latin American folk band, in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/11/2004 00:00

MARK CURTIS launches his new book, 'Unpeople: Britain's Secret Human Rights Abuses', in Edinburgh, Scotland
9/11/2004 19:30

STUART CHRISTIE launches his new book 'Granny Made Me an Anarchist: General Franco, the Angry Brigade and Me', in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/11/2004 19:30

A.L. KENNEDY launches her new book, 'Paradise', in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/9/2004 19:30

ALASTAIR MCINTOSH, author of 'Soil and Soul: People Versus Corporate Power', speaks on Transformation and Consciousness at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004
30/8/2004 19:00

JAMES KELMAN in discussion with PETER KRAVITZ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004
27/8/2004 00:00

GREGOR GALL and COLIN FOX (MSP) speak on '20 Years Since the Miners Strike: The Future of Trade Unions in the Struggle for Social Change' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004
26/8/2004 19:00

An evening of poetry and dance with BASHABI FRASER, author of 'Tartan & Turban' and RUPSHA FRASER; poetry readings with RAB WILSON, author of 'The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam in Scots' and BRIAN WHITTINGHAM, author of ' Drink the Green Fairy'.
25/8/2004 19:00

An evening of poetry and prose with women writers: PAULA JENNINGS, author of 'Singing Lucifer', ELLEN GALFORD, author of 'The Fires of Bride' , LIN ANDERSON, author of 'Driftnet' and JULIE DAWID and others...at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004
24/8/2004 19:00

MIKE GONZALEZ discusses the legacy of PABLO NERUDA (1904-1973) on 100th anniversary of his birth at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004. Plus other contributors.
23/8/2004 19:00

TOM LEONARD LAUNCHES his new book Access to the Silence on his 60th birthday at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004
22/8/2004 19:00

JEFFREY M. SMITH launches his book 'Seeds of Deception: Exposing Corporate and Government Lies About the Safety of Genetically Engineered Food' and speaks about 'The Health Dangers of GM Foods - and Their Cover -Up', in Edinburgh, Scotland
5/5/2004 19:00

Women aLoud - Words & Music in Celebration of International Women's Day: Aisha, AL Kennedy, Anne Donovan, Valerie Gillies, Dilys Rose, Houra Quadir, Kezia Lewis, Sophie McCabe and more... in Edinburgh, Scotland
8/3/2004 19:30

WORD POWER 9TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION - AN EVENING OF POETRY, PROSE AND MUSIC: Meaghan Delahunt, Dilys Rose, Tom Leonard, Sue Rulliere, Kate Tregaskis, Cynthia Rogerson, Ruth Thomas, Paul Reed, Pat Fox and Others, in Edinburgh, Scotland
22/11/2003 19:30

TARIQ ALI launches his new book 'Bush in Babylon: The Recolonisation of Iraq', in Edinburgh, Scotland
11/11/2003 19:00

SLAVOJ ZIZEK launches his new book 'The Puppet and the Dwarf: The Perverse Core of Christianity', in Edinburgh, Scotland
31/10/2003 19:00

24/8/2003 18:00

23/8/2003 18:00

Public Forum with Alex Callinicos who speaks on his latest book, An Anti Capitalist Manifesto, in Edinburgh, Scotland
11/5/2003 00:00

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