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Greta Garbo's Feet & Other Stories

Meaghan Delahunt


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The Liberty Tree

Murray Armstrong


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Inspired by Independence

National Collective


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Demanding Democracy

Christopher Silver


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Something Chronic

Bob Cant


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Outside the Narrative

Tom Leonard


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From Boy to Man

Colin Kirkwood


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The Sands of Time

Greta Kirkwood Andresen


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Summer of Independence

Andrew Redmond Barr


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Events in this category

A Conference on STUART HOOD: Scottish Polymath, in Edinburgh, Scotland
4/9/2015 00:00

MURRAY ARMSTRONG discusses the legacy of Thomas Muir (1765 – 1799) to mark the 250th anniversary of his birth, at the Rothesay Pavilion, Isle of Bute
29/8/2015 14:00

Scotland's Radical History and Culture Conference organised by Radical Independence Campaign
16/5/2015 11:00

Bairns not Bombs National Demonstration in Glasgow, Scotland
4/4/2015 10:30

Bhopal Disaster Public Meeting with ROB EDWARDS, KATHY JENKINS, DES LOUGHNEY and EURIG SCANDRET, in Edinburgh, Scotland
4/3/2015 19:30

MURRAY ARMSTRONG discusses his book, The Liberty Tree: The Stirring Story of Thomas Muir and Scotland’s First Fight for Democracy, at the Thomas Muir Festival
14/11/2014 18:00

Should Scotland be an Independent Country? ELAINE C. SMITH and LESLEY RIDDOCH for the YES Campaign v. GREG MCCLYMONT and KEZIA DUGDALE for the NO Campaign debate at the Edinburgh People's Festival
11/8/2014 19:00

FREE screening of United in Anger: A History of Act-Up - a feature-length award winning documentary by Jim Hubbard
12/6/2014 18:30

Edinburgh and Lothians May Day March and Rally with Owen Jones, Susan Morrisson, Penny Stone, Peter Lawson, Edinburgh Samba Band and Others...
3/5/2014 11:30

Celebrate May Day! 1914-2014: 100 Years of British Workers against Capitalism
1/5/2014 18:30

JAMES FOLEY and PETE RAMAND launch their book, Yes: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence, in Edinburgh, Scotland
16/4/2014 19:00

JIM SILLARS, COLIN FOX and ZAREEN TAJ speak on the Socialist Case for Independence, in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/4/2014 19:00

MELISSA GIRA GRANT, author of Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work, speaks in Edinburgh, Scotland
1/4/2014 19:00

JOHN HEALY, TOM LEONARD and NICHOLAS JOHNSON read at the Swedenborg Society, London
20/3/2014 18:30

TARIQ ALI speaks on Scotland: Between Past and Future, in Glasgow, Scotland
14/3/2014 18:30

TARIQ ALI speaks on Dismantling the British State: Strategy, Tactics and Ideology, in Edinburgh, Scotland
14/3/2014 15:30

MUKESH KAPILA speaks on Against a Tide of Evil: Reflecting on Darfur’s 10th and Rwanda’s 20th Genocide Anniversaries, in Edinburgh, Scotland
10/3/2014 17:30

BOB CANT reads from and discusses his debut novel, Something Chronic, in Dundee, Scotland
4/2/2014 18:00

Support and join the Day of Action: Say No to United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) Fishing Raids!
22/10/2013 14:30

The Third John La Rose Memorial Lecture by Ngugi wa Thiong’o - 'Facing Up to the Colonial Past'
2/10/2013 18:30

The People's Festival Present the Hamish Henderson Memorial Lecture, in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/8/2013 19:00

LINDSEY GERMAN discusses her latest book, How a Century of War Changed the Lives of Women: Work, Family & Liberation, in Edinburgh, Scotland
10/7/2013 19:00

JAHAN MAHMOOD leads a discussion on demonising and criminalising Muslim Communities after Woolwich, in Edinburgh, Scotland
29/6/2013 18:00

RICHARD SEYMOUR discusses Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens, in Edinburgh, Scotland
18/6/2013 19:00

JAMES FOLEY, PETER McCOLL and MAGGIE CHAPMAN discuss Scotland's Road to Socialism, in Edinburgh, Scotland
29/5/2013 18:00

TOM LEONARD launches his new book of prose, Definite Articles, in Glasgow, Scotland
10/5/2013 19:30

Queer Writers in Conversation: Join Hal Duncan, Kirsty Logan and Zoe Strachan for an intimate, informal evening of readings and discussion, in Edinburgh, Scotland
13/2/2013 18:30

BRUCE KENT speaks on Waging Peace Against War, in Inverness, Scotland
2/10/2012 19:00

MAURICE COAKLEY launches his book, Ireland in the World Order: A History of Uneven Development, in Dublin, Ireland
20/9/2012 19:00

Public Meeting to Keep Society's Safety Net with Sasha Callaghan (Disability History), Abby Tindell (Local Resident), Sheila Gilmore MP (Scottish Labour), Councillor Norman Work (SNP), in Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland
7/9/2012 19:30

Left Poetry and Song as Cultural Front event with David Betteridge, Eddie Coyle, Leanne Coyle, Alistair Findlay, George McEwan, Ewan McVicar and Jane Sludden, in Glasgow, Scotland
4/9/2012 19:00

Public Meeting with John Carlos, Doreen Lawrence and Janet Adler, in London
21/5/2012 18:00

DON PATERSON, winner of The Forward Prize, The Whitbread Poetry Prize, The Geoffrey Faber Memorial Award and The T S Eliot Prize, reads in Edinburgh, Scotland
3/5/2012 19:30

TOM LEONARD reads from his new CD, Selected Poems: Plus Brecht, in Edinburgh, Scotland
23/2/2012 18:00

GREGOR GALL discusses his latest book, Tommy Sheridan: From Hero to Zero? A Political Biography, in Dundee, Scotland
7/2/2012 19:00

NORMAN G. FINKELSTEIN, author of This Time We Went Too Far, speaks on How to Solve the Israel / Palestine Conflict, in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/2/2012 19:00

GREGOR GALL discusses his latest book, Tommy Sheridan: From Hero to Zero? A Political Biography, in Glasgow, Scotland
30/1/2012 18:00

How Can We Move Away from the Cuts Agenda?
28/1/2012 13:00

GREGOR GALL discusses his latest book, Tommy Sheridan: From Hero to Zero? A Political Biography, in Edinburgh, Scotland
26/1/2012 17:30

Fundraiser for the Scottish Women’s Aid with the Belle Star Ceilidh Band, in Edinburgh, Scotland
25/11/2011 19:30

Kevin Williamson, author of In a Room Darkened, reads in Edinburgh, Scotland
19/10/2011 18:30

Internationalism from Below - from John Maclean to Tahrir Square? Talks, films and discussion with Allan Armstrong, Maud Bracke, Camcorder Guerillas and Deryck de Maine Beaumont, in Glasgow, Scotland
12/10/2011 19:00

Candia McWilliam, author of What to Look for in Winter: A Memoir in Blindness, reads in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/10/2011 18:30

Iain Banks, author of The Wasp Factory, reads in Edinburgh, Scotland
28/9/2011 18:30

Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting, reads in Edinburgh, Scotland
26/9/2011 18:30

Zapatista Benefit Gig with Das Contras and with Support from Orphan and Tickle
22/9/2011 19:00

Rabindrasangeet and Hindusthani Classical Music by Sonali Ray and reliving the eternal lyrics of Tagore - a Tribute to the Great Bard through reflections, song and dance on the occasion of his 150th Birth Anniversary by Professor Amita Dutt & Troupe
13/5/2011 18:30

Rabindranath Tagore as an English Writer: New Perspectives and Research - A talk by Professor Uma Das Gupta, Historian and Tagore Biographer
12/5/2011 18:00

23/10/2010 14:45

Hugo Blanco, leader of the Peruvian peasant movement, speaks in Edinburgh, Scotland
16/10/2010 10:30

Gideon Levy speaks on The Punishment of Gaza, in Edinburgh, Scotland
18/8/2010 19:30

Gideon Levy speaks on The Punishment of Gaza , in Glasgow, Scotland
17/8/2010 19:30

Gideon Levy speaks on The Punishment of Gaza, in Dundee, Scotland
16/8/2010 19:30

Former MSP Campbell Martin delivers The 3rd Annual Hamish Henderson Memorial Lecture, in Edinburgh, Scotland
11/8/2010 19:00

Isolate Israel: Israel Massacres at least 9 human rights workers taking aid to Gaza - Scottish Demonstration in Edinburgh
5/6/2010 14:00

Israeli Navy Kills 19 People Taking Humanitarian Aid to Gaza: Demonstrate for Gaza & Isolate the Rogue State of Israel
31/5/2010 17:00

Public Meeting to Support the Climate9: Climate Defence Is No Offence!
20/5/2010 18:30

The Fifth Annual Irish Pages Lecture: To Scullabogue Backwards from Belfast Against Sectarian Preconceptions by Patricia Craig and introduced by Glenn Patterson
7/5/2010 19:30

Nelida Fuccaro, Nadje Al-Ali and Houzan Mahmoud speak at a seminar to remember Du'a Khalil Aswad, stoned to death in Iraqi Kurdistan in April 2007
25/3/2010 17:00

The First John La Rose Memorial Lecture by David Abdulah on 'Politics and People's Power After Obama', followed by discussion forums, in London, UK
20/3/2010 14:00

A Celebration of Poetry from Scotland and the Middle East with Yousef Al-Khatib, Iyad Hayatleh, Jila Peacock and Tessa Ransford, in Edinburgh, Scotland
16/3/2010 18:30

A Fundraising Benefit for Bhopal Survivors with music from Dick Gaughan, Leon Rosselson, Mae Shaw, Townhouse, Ruari Sutherland, Norrie MacIver, and other special guests, in Edinburgh, Scotland
5/3/2010 20:00

Tom Leonard reads from Outside the Narrative: Poems 1965 - 2009 at the Oxgangs Library Poetry Month, in Edinburgh, Scotland
7/2/2010 14:30

Mridu Shailaj Thanki launches her new book, Feasts of India: Traditional, Regional and Family Vegetarian Recipes, in Edinburgh, Scotland
12/12/2009 12:00

Scottish Demonstration calling for Troops out of Afghanistan, in Edinburgh, Scotland
14/11/2009 10:30

The Big Tent 2009: Scotland's Largest Eco-festival! Don't Miss It!
25/7/2009 10:00 until 26/7/2009 00:00

Tom Leonard launches his new book, Outside the Narrative: Poems 1965-2009, in Glasgow, Scotland
18/6/2009 20:15

Jonathan Mills, Director of the Edinburgh International Festival, Public Lecture on the Theme of 2009 Festival, Enlightenment, + Q & A
15/6/2009 17:45

FABULA (For A Better Understanding of Latin-America) Presents Carlos Arredondo and Galo Ceron: An Inspired Journey Through the Music of Chile's Greatest Songwriters, Victor Jara and Violeta Parra
23/5/2009 19:30

Europe United Against Airport Expansion: Simultaneous Flashmobs Across Europe
16/5/2009 12:00

Celebrate May Day: Public Meeting with Speakers and Discussion plus Music
1/5/2009 19:30

Recession and Resistance: A Day School organised by International Socialism and Bookmarks Scotland
18/4/2009 09:30

Women in Cuba Celebrating 50 Years of the Revolution with Carolina Amador Perez of Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) and Gilda Chacon Bravo of the Cuban Trade Union Centre (CTC), in Edinburgh, Scotland
19/3/2009 19:00

A Celebration of Poetry from Scotland and the Middle East with Jenni Calder, Ghazi Hussein, Sheikh Ghassan Manasra and Jila Peacock, in Edinburgh, Scotland
10/3/2009 19:00

Public Meeting with Ilina Sen and Kavita Srivastava to free Dr. Binayak Sen, award-winning paediatrician and human rights activist jailed on false charges, in Edinburgh, Scotland
9/3/2009 18:00

Song for Cuba: Voces del Sur and Flakito Y Diego Laverde with Peruvian singer Sofia Buchuk appear in Edinburgh, Scotland, in aid of Proyecto Universidad de la Tercera Edad (Elder Student Project), University of Havana
15/2/2009 19:30

Shahrnush Parsipur reads and discusses passages from her book Touba and the Meaning of Night, in Edinburgh, Scotland
2/2/2009 19:00

Demonstrate against Israeli Massacres of Palestinians in Edinburgh, Scotland
10/1/2009 12:30

Scottish PEN celebrates the 60th Anniversay of Universal Declaration of Human Rights with Ian Bell, Drew Campbell & Eddie Smith, Rodge Glass, Aamer Anwar & Louise Welsh, in Edinburgh, Scotland
10/12/2008 19:00

The Hamish Henderson Memorial Lecture by Timothy Neat
13/8/2008 19:00

Talk by Colin Grant on Negro with a Hat: The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey and His Dream of Mother Africa
23/7/2008 19:00

Talk by Carole Boyce Davies on Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones
9/7/2008 19:00

Talk by David Hilliard on The Black Panther: Intercommunal News Service 1967-1980
4/7/2008 19:00

Alastair McIntosh launches Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition, in Glasgow, Scotland
25/6/2008 19:00

Demonstration Against George Bush in London!
15/6/2008 17:00

Across the Water: The Irish in Edinburgh Conference
5/6/2008 10:00

Amnesty International May Fair - Plants, Baking, Books, Bric-a-Brac, Cildren's Activities
24/5/2008 10:00

Public Forum on Cuba: Present and Future with Teresita Trujillo, official of the Foreign Relations Department of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party
22/5/2008 19:30

MIKE MARQUSEE launches his new book If I am Not for Myself: Confessions of an Anti-zionist Jew, in Glasgow, Scotland
6/5/2008 19:00

MIKE MARQUSEE launches his new book If I am Not for Myself: Confessions of an Anti-zionist Jew, in Edinburgh, Scotland
5/5/2008 19:00

MIKE MARQUSEE launches his new book If I am Not for Myself: Confessions of an Anti-zionist Jew, in East Renfrewshire, Scotland
4/5/2008 15:00

James Kelman, Booker Prize winner, in conversation with Roxy Harris to launch his new book, Kieron Smith, Boy - in London
1/5/2008 19:15

A' Adam's Bairns: A Musical Reflection
17/4/2008 19:00

Stem Cell Research : Share Your Views About the Future
16/4/2008 18:00

14/3/2008 00:00 until 16/3/2008 00:00

Ceilidh with the Waltzurtartan Ceilidh Band - Amnesty International Edinburgh South Group Event
7/3/2008 19:30

PROTEST Against Ron Prosor, Ambassador of International Crimes & Israeli Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians!
6/3/2008 16:30

Radical Statistics Annual Conference and AGM, 2008: A Decade of Devolution - How Does it Measure Up?
1/3/2008 09:30

Beth Junor Speaks on Scarcely Ever Out of My Thoughts: The Letters of Valda Trevlyn Grieve to Christopher Murray Grieve (Hugh MacDiarmid) at the AK Bell Theatre, Perth, Scotland
7/2/2008 19:30

Palestine Day School: Zionism, Ethnic Cleansing and the Way Forward for Palestine with Moshe Machover, Ghada Karmi, Joel Kovel, Nur Masalha and others...
26/1/2008 09:00 until 0/0/0000 18:00

Norman Finkelstein, author of Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-semitism and the Abuse of History speaks in Edinburgh, Scotland
25/1/2008 18:30

FUNDRAISER FOR PALESTINE - Dave Lippman: Singing CIA Agent / Star Of Goliath - A Fund raiser for Fasayil Primary School & Al Walaja Voices Project - in Edinburgh, Scotland
15/12/2007 00:00

Launch of What Does the Russian Revolution Mean to Me: An Edinburgh People's Festival Publication to Mark the 90th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution
12/12/2007 19:00

Poetry Reading by Graham Fulton, Bobby Christie, Jim Ferguson and Sandra Alland in Glasgow, Scotland
8/12/2007 19:00

Haifa Zangana launches her new book City of Widows: An Iraqi Woman's Account of War and Resistance in New York City
5/11/2007 19:00

Linton Kwesi Johnson's Only 2004 London Poetry Reading - DON'T MISS!
2/12/2004 19:00

Perdition: A Play in Two Parts by Jim Allen
26/11/2004 19:00

Axis of Evil Tour: Two Arab-American comedians share their stories and poke fun at difficulties of being Arab in George Dubya's USA at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004
21/8/2004 21:00

WILL PODMORE launches the biography of 'Reg Birch: Engineer, Trade Unionist, Communist', in Edinburgh, Scotland
8/5/2004 14:00

CELEBRATE MAY DAY: For International Solidarity and Socialism, in Edinburgh, Scotland
1/5/2004 11:30

The Illustrious Corpse by Tariq Ali, in Edinburgh, Scotland
24/1/2004 18:30

Offshore Literary and Music Event: IAN BLACK, STEWART ENNIS, SCOTT MCGOWAN & PETE DRUMMIE, HOURA QUADIR and PAUL REED, in Glasgow, Scotland
13/1/2004 19:00

MILAN RAI and LALEH KHALIDI Public Forum in Edinburgh, Scotland
13/10/2003 19:00

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