GEORGE MCKAY discusses Radical Gardening: Politics, Idealism and Rebellion in the Garden, at the 15th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair

GEORGE MCKAY  discusses Radical Gardening: Politics, Idealism and Rebellion in the Garden, at the 15th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair
Saturday 29 October 2011 at 4.00pm

Out of the Blue Drill Hall
30-38 Dalmeny Street

All Welcome!

Free! Donations welcome!

 In the common public perception, contemporary gardening is understood as suburban, as leisure activity, as television makeover opportunity. Its origins are seen as religious or spiritual, military, aristocratic or monarchical. George McKay travels an alternative route, through history and across landscape, linking propagation with propaganda. From window box to veggie box, from political plot to flower power, he uncovers and celebrates moments, movements, gestures, of a people's approach to gardens and gardening. 

GEORGE MCKAY  is a leading British author on aspects of alternative culture through music, protest, lifestyle. He is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Salford. His books include Senseless Acts of Beauty: Cultures of Resistance since the Sixties, DiY Culture: Party & Protest in Nineties Britain and Glastonbury: A Very English Fair. He is also co-editor of the academic journal Social Movement Studies: Journal of Social, Cultural and Political Protest (Routledge), as well as a fairly frequent contributor to BBC radio. He has appeared on numerous television programmes, and written for publications such as the Guardian, Independent, and New Statesman. He lives in Lancaster.