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Greta Garbo's Feet & Other Stories

Meaghan Delahunt


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Demanding Democracy

Christopher Silver


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From Boy to Man

Colin Kirkwood


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The Sands of Time

Greta Kirkwood Andresen


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Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune launch their new book, The F-Word: The New Feminist, Movement, at the 14th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair

Catherine Redfern  and Kristin Aune  launch their new book, The F-Word: The New Feminist,  Movement, at the 14th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair

Saturday 30 October 2010 at 12.30pm

Out of the Blue Drill Hall
30-38 Dalmeny Street

Admission Free! Donations welcome!

All Welcome! 

'If you thought feminism was dead or drawing its pension, think again. Savvy, witty and politically passionate, Reclaiming the F-Word explains what today’s feminists want, and describes what they are doing to make it happen. Whether or not you actually call yourself a feminist, if you care about gender equality and justice you will want to read this book.' - Deborah Cameron

Discover the demands of the new feminist movement. In today's 'post-feminist' society, women and men are considered equal. For younger women and men, feminism is often portrayed as unfashionable and irrelevant. But since the beginning of the new millennium a new generation have emerged to challenge these assumptions and assert a vibrant new agenda. This groundbreaking book reveals the what, why and how of the new feminist movement and what it has to say about women's lives in today's society. From cosmetic surgery to celebrity culture and girl power to globalization, from rape to religion and sex to singleness, this book reveals the seven vital issues at stake for today's feminists, unveils the beginnings of a fresh and diverse wave of feminism, and calls a new generation back to action.

Catherine Redfern  is founder of The F Word website. Now almost ten years old, the site is recognised as influential in sparking a revived interest in feminism amongst younger women and men. In 2002 the site was highly commended by the Women in Publishing's New Venture Awards, and in 2003 Redfern was named by the Guardian as one of 50 'Women to Watch'.

Kristin Aune  is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Derby, where she teaches courses on feminism, gender and religion. She has been involved in a number of feminist groups and co-founded London Third Wave, a networking group for London based young feminists, with Catherine Redfern in 2002. She has published widely on gender, religion and feminism. Her most recent (co-edited) book is Women and Religion in the West  (Ashgate Publishing, 2008).