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Greta Garbo's Feet & Other Stories

Meaghan Delahunt


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Demanding Democracy

Christopher Silver


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From Boy to Man

Colin Kirkwood


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The Sands of Time

Greta Kirkwood Andresen


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Gideon Levy speaks on The Punishment of Gaza , in Glasgow, Scotland

Gideon Levy speaks on  The Punishment of Gaza, in Glasgow, Scotland                     

Tuesday 17 August 2010 at 7.30pm  

Renfield St Stephens
260 Bath Street
G2 4JP

Admission Free! Donations welcome!
All Welcome!

Organised by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The story behind Israel's assualt on Gaza, by an acclaimed Ha'aretz journalist

"There are more terrible atrocities in the world than what is being done to the caged prisoners of Gaza, but it is not easy to think of a more cruel and cowardly exhibition of human savagery, fully supported by the US, with Europe trailing politely behind. Gideon Levy's passionate and revealing account is an eloquent, even desperate, call to bring this shocking tragedy to an end, as can easily be done." Noam Chomsky

Israel's 2009 invasion of Gaza was a vicious act of aggression that left well over one thousand Palestinians dead and devastated the infrastructure of an already impoverished enclave. In this searching examination of Israel's policies, awardwinning journalist Gideon Levy shows how the ground was prepared for the assault and documents its continuing effects. 

From 2005 - the year of Gaza's "liberation" - through to 2009, he tracks Israel's abandonment of the pretense of diplomacy in favor of a policy of provocation and raw military power, with the ultimate aim of denying Palestinians any chance of forming their own independent state. Punished by Israel and the Quartet of international powers for the democratic election of Hamas, Gaza has been transformed into the world's largest open-air prison. From Gazan families struggling to cope with the random violence of Israel's blockade and its "targeted" assassinations, to the machinations of legal experts and the continued connivance of the international community, every aspect of this ongoing tragedy is eloquently recorded and forensically analyzed. 

Levy's powerful journalism shows how the brutality at the heart of Israel's occupation of Palestine has found its most complete expression to date in the collective punishment of the residents of Gaza.

Described by Le Monde as a "thorn in Israel's flank," Gideon Levy is a prominent Israeli journalist. For over twenty years he has covered the Israel-Palestine conflict, in particular the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, for the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz in his column "Twilight Zone."