Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers

Word Power Books stocks the following Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers

Adbusters: Journal of the Mental Environment
Anarchist Voices: A Journal of Evolutionary Anarchism
Ambit: Poetry, Short Fiction, Art and Reviews
Black Flag
Class Struggle: International Communist Union (Trotskyist)
Corporate Watch: Corporate-Critical Research Since 1996
Curve Magazine: Lesbian Magazine
Edinburgh Review
Frontline: An Independent Marxist Review from Scotland
Gay Times
Green World: The Official Magazine of the Green Party
Inspired Times: A holisitic lifestyle magazine focusing on the inspiring projects and people making a difference in the world today
International Review: Quarterly Journal of the International Communist Current
Living Earth: Magazine of the Soil Association
London Review of Books
Mslexia: For Women Who Write
Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine
Ms. Magazine: Leading Lesbian Magazine
New Escapologist
New Internationalist: Progressive Left analysis of Global Issues
New Left Review
Peace News: For Nonviolent Revolution
Permaculture: Inspiration for Sustainable Living
Permanent Revolution: A Quarterly Review of Revolutionary Politics and Theory
Pink Parenting: Gay Parenting Magazine
Radical Statistics
Red Pepper
Resurgence: At the Heart of Earth, Art and Spirit
Revolutionary Democracy
Revolutionary Perspectives: Journal of the Communist Workers' Organisation
Saoirse - Irish Freedon: The Voice of the Republican Movement
Scottish Affairs
Scottish Socialist Voice: A Magazine of the Scottish Socialist Party
Scottish Workers Republic: The Journal of the Scottish Socialist Movement
Searchlight: Against Fascism and Racism
Shift Magazine
Sight and Sound: The International Film Magazine
Socialist Appeal
Socialist Fight
Socialist Review
Socialist Standard: Journal of The Socialist Party of Great Britain
Socialist Resistance
Socialist Review
Solidarity: The Trade Union Magazine
Solidarity and Workers' Liberty
The Drouth
The Future Present: A Critical Marxist Review of Class and Society
The New Worker: Weekly Paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Workers Power: Monthly Paper of the British Section of the League for the Fifth International
Workers Vanguard
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