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Word Power Books

Greta Garbo's Feet & Other Stories

Meaghan Delahunt


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Word Power Books

Demanding Democracy

Christopher Silver


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Word Power Books

From Boy to Man

Colin Kirkwood


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Word Power Books

The Sands of Time

Greta Kirkwood Andresen


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Word Power Books

About Us

Opened in December 1994, Word Power Books is a leading quality independent bookshop, stewarded by the indomitable Elaine Henry for over 20 years. April 2017 has ushered in a new chapter for this Edinburgh institution – Elaine is moving to France but the bookshop will live on with a new owner, Mairi Oliver.
The bookshop on West Nicolson Street will remain true to the legacy Elaine and the Word Power community has worked so hard to build – we will continue to celebrate diversity of thought and expression, to encourage readers to engage with ideas both from the margins and mainstream. Unapologetically political, we are committed to championing ideals such as equality, feminism, environmentalism and freedom of speech.
The world of books is a precious resource: books are not commodities to be marketed on the shelves alongside baked beans. The range of books we will continue to offer gives readers fast track entrance to a world of publishing outwith the mainstream, a world where independent publishers, small presses, new writers with no prior sales history, individuals producing their own zines all have an equal voice and sit happily alongside Stupid White Men or No Logo on the shelves.
We will be closed for a wee refurb from April 10th - April 23rd, for news and updates follow the page and the twitter, or shoot us an email: books@word-power.co.uk
The books we offer you could change your view of the world and make a life-long impact on you. Readers and writers have been the lifeblood of the bookshop, here's what some of them have had to say!
Word Power Books is not an only one of the last remaining independent bookshops in Scotland, but a hub for independent thought itself. It is a hive-mind of the anti-mainstream and the leftfield, run by people who are committed and passionate about real books and aren't just there to flog product. Word Power Books makes Edinburgh a much better place. Alan Bissett
Independent bookshops like Word Power are more than fabulous quirks in a landscape of homogenised culture and bland multi nationals, they are part of the life blood of radical public debate. Quite simply if they did not exist the outlets for disseminating radical and unconventional thought would diminish, independent bookshops are vital. Mark Thomas
Word Power Books is an inspiring and creative haven, it invites us to rediscover the world as a more challenging, changing and imaginative place. Kirsty Gunn
Word Power Books is the kind of independent(-minded) bookshop I've always treasured on the Continent - committed to readers and writers alike. Long live independence! Regi Clare
When you find Word*Power, it's like sighting a fox or a sparrowhawk in the city. You think, yesss! Kathleen Jamie
Walking into Word Power is like walking into a warm embrace of words: all ideas, dreams, discussions, life - floor to ceiling - waiting just for you. A wonderfully revolutionary place in the heart of Edinburgh - in every sense. Meaghan Delahunt
All power to Word*Power! James Kelman
When I meet people from Scotland I ask them if they know Word*Power. I ask them as if it were an old friend of mine, someone who I love, someone who inspires me…Maximum respect to Word Power. It's a bookshop that I do not think of as a business. I think of it as a caring, radical, progressive and passionate public service.�Benjamin Zephaniah
Word Power makes the foreign writer/visitor to Edinburgh feel instantly welcome...surely one of the world's more browsable places.Susan George
Long live Word Power! One of Scotland's best (and most colourful) battle-stations in the perpetual struggle against standardisation, globalisation, dumbing-down and all things bad and boring. Ellen Galford
Word Power is one of the best-kept secrets in Edinburgh: a bookshop for the kind of reader who hankers after bookshops without sofas or in-your-face blockbuster discounts, who fantasises about finding a life-changing book serendipitously, by dint of someone else having pared things down to a thinking choice. Can there be higher recommendation? Janice Galloway
The going bust of a great independent shop like Compendium in London shows how valuable, priceless, the remaining independents are. More power to Word Power! TOM LEONARD
In an age of increasingly timid and poorly-supplied chain bookshops, everyone should be glad that Word Power exists. A.L. Kennedy
Word Power is a unique platform where poetry and politics can co-exist. LINTON KWESI JOHNSON

Word-Power is more than a book shop, it's a way of life. DILYS ROSE