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Zouping in Transition
Process of Reform in Rural North China


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Zouping in Transition
Process of Reform in Rural North China

Andrew G. Walder (Editor)



ISBN: 9780674968561


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Zouping offers important general lessons for the study of China's rural transformation. The authors in this volume, all participants in a field research project undertaken from 1988 to 1992, address questions that are far from simple and about which there is some controversy.

Scholarly writings about the "transitional economies" have often been ignored or distorted this aspect of China's reform experience. On the second issue, changes in inequality owing to market reform, the authors present mixed findings but contribute new data to the research on this issue.


ISBN 674968565
ISBN13 9780674968561
Publisher Harvard University Press
Format Paperback
Publication date 08/07/1998
Pages 304
Weight (grammes) 381
Published in United States
Height (mm) 235
Width (mm) 155


Zouping in Perspective Andrew G. Walder

Local Governments as Economic Actors
The Evolution of Local State Corporatism Jean C. Oi
The County Government as an Industrial Corporation Andrew G. WaIder
Fengjia: A Village in Transition Huang Shu-min and Stewart Odend'hal
Establishing Markets: The Process of Commercialization in Agriculture Terry Sicular

Distributional Consequences of Reform
Work, Wealth, and Power in Agriculture: Do Political Connections Affect the Returns to Household Labor? Sarah Cook
Preventive Health Care: Privatization and the Public Good Gail Henderson and T. Scott Stroup
Making Schools Modern: Paradoxes of Educational Reform Lynn W. Paine


Growth and diversification of Zouping's rural economy, 1976-1993
Growth of industry in Zouping, by level of ownership, 1980-1993
The shift from agriculture to industry in Zouping, 1980-1993
Zouping county fiscal and budgetary trends, 1980-1992
Zouping's rural development compared with national averages,1993
A comparison of Zouping with Nanhai County, Guangdong, 1993
The shift from public to private industry in Zouping, 1980-1993
Commune and brigade industry in Zouping, 1976-1983
Zouping township and village enterprise tax exemptions,1980-1989
Zouping county industry, output, and number of firms by type, 1988 and 1993
Sources of county revenue, 1988 and 1992
Zouping County's top ten revenue-generating enterprises, 1992
Population, farmland, and mechanical power in Fengjia,1949-1986
Yearly agricultural production in Fengjia, 1949-1986
Gross income from village enterprises, 1985 and 1986
Increases in per capita and gross domestic production in Fengjia, 1970-1988
Basic economic data, Zouping County, 1988-1992
Indicators of the level of commercialization in Zouping, 1988-1992
Farm household purchases of farm products in Zouping, 1990
Farm household sales of farm products in Zouping, 1990
Farm household income and its composition in Zouping, 1990
Distribution of farm households by share of income from nonagricultural business and wages in Zouping, 1990
Trade at periodic markets in Zouping, 1988-1992
Composition of social retail sales in Zouping, 1988-1992
Zouping County purchases of agricultural products from farmers, 1988 and 1992
Procurement of grain by the grain bureau in Zouping, 1978-1993
Procurement of wheat and corn by the grain bureau in Zouping, 1985-1993
Grain prices in Zouping County, 1980-1993
Cotton procurement by the state cotton and hemp company in Zouping, 1978-1993
Implicit taxes and subsidies associated with planned procurement of farm products in Zouping, 1990
Structure of the labor force in Zouping, 1993
Individual and household employment by activity, 1990
Composition of household income by per capita income quartile, 1990
Quartile share of income by source, 1990
Marginal and average products of labor (yuan per day)
Average daily earnings from wage employment (yuan)
Tests for differences in means of marginal product of labor by household political characteristics
Zouping County socioeconomic and health indicators
Infectious disease incidence per 10,000 people in Zouping County, 1965-1989
Hospital admissions by diagnostic categories, for county-level hospitals, 1986
Hospitals in four townships
Village-based health resources
Promotion rate to junior high school, 1978-1991
Number of elementary schools and students in Zouping, 1950-1990
Number of secondary schools and students in Zouping, 1978-1990
Changes in the structure of Zouping secondary education, 1986-1990
Funding for ordinary and central township junior high schools, Sunzhen township, 1985-1990

China, with Shandong Province and Zouping County
Shandong Province
Zouping County

Monthly wheat prices, Zouping County, 1990-1991
Monthly corn prices, Zouping County, 1990-1991