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Meaghan Delahunt


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When Greeks Think About Turks
The View from Anthropology


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When Greeks Think About Turks
The View from Anthropology

Dimitrios Theodossopoulos (Editor)



ISBN: 9780415564267


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It sheds valuable light on the politics of identity-making and the constitution of nationalism in Greece and Cyprus. This book was previously published as a special issue of South European Society and Politics.


ISBN 415564263
ISBN13 9780415564267
Publisher Routledge
Format Paperback
Publication date 29/09/2009
Pages 224
Weight (grammes) 317
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 234
Width (mm) 156

1. Introduction: The 'Turks' in the imagination of the Greeks
Dimitrios Theodossopoulos
2. How Greeks think: about Turks, for example
Vassos Argyrou
3. Tourkokratia: history and the image of Turks in Greek literature
Iraklis Millas
4. Knowledge of diversity: towards a more differentiated set of 'Greek' perceptions of 'Turks'
Renee Hirschon
5. Beyond the Greek and Turkish dichotomy: the Rum-Polites of Istanbul and Athens
Ilay Romain Ors
6. Constructing 'the Turk' as an enemy: the complexity of stereotypes in children's everyday worlds
Spyros Spyrou
7. Guarding each others' dead, mourning one's own: the problem of missing persons and missing pasts in Cyprus
Paul Sant Cassia
8. Writing about Turks and powerful others: journalistic heteroglossia in Western Thrace
Fotini Tsibiridou
9. Ethnic Turks and 'Muslims', and the performance of multiculturalism: the case of the Dromeno in Thrace
Vassiliki Yiakoumaki
10. Phantom menace: what junior Greek army officers have to say about Turks and Turkey
Elisabeth Kirtsoglou
11. Bicommunal initiatives and their contribution to improved relations between Turkish and Greek Cypriots
Peter Loizos
12. Politics of friendship, worldviews of mistrust: the Greek-Turkish rapprochement in local conversation
Dimitrios Theodossopoulos