Tom Morris of St Andrews
The Colossus of Golf 1821-1908


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Tom Morris of St Andrews
The Colossus of Golf 1821-1908

by Peter Crabtree (Author)
by David Malcolm (Author)


Leather / fine binding

ISBN: 9780954755225


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A comprehensive, richly illustrated, biography of Tom Morris of St Andrews, one of the most important figures in golf, whose story still carries resonance today.

While the book catalogues his golfing achievements it also looks beyond his playing and course-building. It looks at his family, chronicling the life of a family man who outlived his wife, all of his children, his daughter-in-law and son-in-law, but who bore the cruel blows of fate with fortitude. Crabtree and Malcolm investigage the people, the places and the events in Tom Morris's life that shaped his character, a character that he transferred to the game of golf. This is Tom Morris as he was, his virtues and strengths as well as weaknesses, hopefully laying to rest some of the myths perpetuated and embellished over the years. Malcolm & Crabtree have brought Tom Morris to life.


ISBN 954755227
ISBN13 9780954755225
Format Leather / fine binding
Publication date 00/07/2008
Pages 384
Weight (grammes) 651.00
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 297
Width (mm) 240

Chapter 1: Roots in the Links Chapter 2: The Way of a Weaver Chapter 3: The Kirk, the School and Apprenticeship Chapter 4: 'A Kind of King Amongst Them' Chapter 5: Foundations of the Popularity of the Game Chapter 6: The Gutta Affair Chapter 7: Marriage and Movement Chapter 8: Sowing Seeds in the West Chapter 9: A New Beginning as an Era Ends Chapter 10: The 'Honest Toun' Park Chapter 11: Genesis of Tournament Golf Chapter 12: 'Cast in the Very Mould of a Golfer' Chapter 13: The Apostles of Golf Chapter 14: Home to Roost Chapter 15: 'Leddies Gowf' and Caddy Cantrips Chapter 16: A Champion in the Making Chapter 17: The Finest Rounds ever Played Chapter 18: Renovations in Making the Play Chapter 19: An Unlikely Match Chapter 20: A Tied Match in West Lothian Chapter 21: American Connections Chapter 22: Recognition and National Acclaim Chapter 23: The Beginning of the End Chapter 24: The Ultimate Tragedy Chapter 25: Heartache Chapter 26: An Unmarked Grave in Australia Chapter 27: 'Generous with his Time and Spirit' Chapter 28: The Road War Chapter 29: A Felon in the Family Chapter 30: The Last Great Match Chapter 31: Characterising the Game Chapter 32: Death in Alabama Chapter 33: Family Affairs Chapter 34: The Gathering Storm Chapter 35: Links in Conflict Chapter 36: New Facilities on the Links Chapter 37: A Time of Strife Chapter 38: The High Priest of Golf Chapter 39: The Old Order Changes Chapter 40: A Constant Benefactor Chapter 41: In Social Limbo Chapter 42: In Testimony Chapter 43: Honours as Willie Park Dies Chapter 44: The Evangelist and a Place of Pilgrimage Chapter 45: Relinquishing the Barrow and Spade Chapter 46: Playing Through Chapter 47: Now the Labour's Task is O'er Epilogue The Morris Family Tree
Appendix The Historical Synopsis and Chronology Bibliography Index