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The Subsistence Perspective
Beyond the Globalised Economy


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The Subsistence Perspective
Beyond the Globalised Economy

by Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen (Author)
by Maria Mies (Author)
Patrick Camiller (Translator)



ISBN: 9781856497763


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Two leading feminist thinkers, posing a radical alternative to the current free-market industrial system, show how if we are to survive, economies must become needs-based, environmentally sustainable, co-operative and local. They call instead for a new politics and economics based on subsistence.

With examples from Africa, Latin America and Europe, the book shows how the subsistence principle can and does have a positive effect on market exchange - with exchange oriented towards the social good rather than profit. The book concludes with a call for a new politics based on the view from below, rather than one concerned with power and dominance. The authors' subsistence perspective poses a powerful alternative to the top-down ideology of development politics. The book as a whole brilliantly demonstrates how development only works when it is done from the bottom up.


ISBN 1856497763
ISBN13 9781856497763
Publisher Zed Books Ltd
Format Paperback
Publication date 27/11/1999
Pages 256
Weight (grammes) 280
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 216
Width (mm) 135

*1. The History of the Subsistence Approach*2. Globalization and the Subsistence Approach*3. Subsistence and Agriculture: The Land in Women's Hands*4. Subsistence and the Market*5. Subsistence in the City*6. Defending, Reclaiming and Reinventing the Commons*7. Wage-Labour and Subsistence*8. Women's Liberation and Subsistence*9. Subsistence and Politics.