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The Early Days of a Better Nation

Stewart Bremner


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This Changes Everything

Naomi Klein


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The Liberty Tree

Murray Armstrong


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Inspired by Independence

National Collective


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The Dream Shall Never Die

Alex Salmond


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Greg Moodie versus the Union

Greg Moodie


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Something Chronic

Bob Cant


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Outside the Narrative

Tom Leonard


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Scotland Yet

Jack Foster


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Inspiring Women

STUC Women's Committee


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The Labour Party
A Centenary History


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The Labour Party
A Centenary History

Richard Heffernan (Editor)
Brian Brivati (Editor)
Tony Blair (Introduction)
Michael Foot (Preface)



ISBN: 9780333746493


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This book celebrates and critically assesses the Labour Party's role in shaping events of the 20th century. It brings together academics from a variety of disciplines to examine the history of the party's development.

Contributions include commentaries and analyses from former Labour leaders, cabinet ministers and backbench MPs: Denis Healey David Owen John Biffen Calum MacDonald Clare Short Adrian Mitchell Angela Eagle


ISBN 33374649
ISBN13 9780333746493
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Format Hardback
Publication date 09/05/2000
Pages 544
Weight (grammes) 1135
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 242
Width (mm) 162

T.Blair Preface
M. Foot Introduction
B.Brivati &
R.Heffernan Out of the Bowels of the Movement: The Trade Unions and the Foundation of the Labour Party
R.Taylor In and Out of Government, 1923-1935
K.Laybourn The Atlee Years, 1935-1955
K.Jeffrey A Natural Party of Government? 1955-1979
L.Baston The Wilderness Years, 1979-1994
E.Shaw From Old to New Labour, 1994-2000
M.J.Smith Commentary 1
D.Healey Commentary 2
D.Owen Commentary 3
J.Biffen Commentary 4
A.Eagle Commentary 5
C.Short Commentary 6
A.Mitchell Labour and the Trade Unions 1945-1964
R.Taylor Labour and the Trade Unions, 1964-Present
S.Ludlam Organising Left and Right: Parliamentary Power Politics
R.Heffernan Crimes and Misdemeanours: Managing Dissent in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Labour Party
T.Bale Public Ownership and the Constitution: From 'Old' Clause Four to 'New' Clause Four
T.Jones A 'Miracle of Politics': The Rise of Labour, 1900-45
A.Chadwick Industrial Modernisation in Labour's Electoral Strategy, 1945-1997
B.Brivati Labour's International Policy: A Story of Conflict and Contention
D.Keohane Beyond Euro-Scepticism? Labour and the European Union Since 1945
R.Heffernan Labour and Gender
C.Collette Labour and Welfare Politics
N.Ellison Labour and Local Government
L.Baston Labour's Literary Dominance
B.Brivati Bibliography Index