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The Great Deception
Anglo-American Power and World Order


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The Great Deception
Anglo-American Power and World Order

by Mark Curtis (Author)



ISBN: 9780745312347


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The Great Deception: Anglo-American Power and World Order by Mark Curtis (Paperback) (9780745312347)

Curtis uses original research into recently declassified government files to produce a critique of Anglo-American foreign policy in the 1990s. The author focuses on the areas of the UN, development and the Middle East, and shows how the US manipulates the international foreign policy to ensure it has access to strategically important resources.

'Mark Curtis demonstrates how Britain remains the key supporting player in US domination, and how far from benign that domination is in its impact on the rest of the world.' Victoria Brittain 'Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand Britain and the United States' true role in the world and the so-called order imposed by the Anglo-American alliance.' John Pilger 'His findings are damning.' Nick Cohen,London Review of Books


ISBN 745312349
ISBN13 9780745312347
Publisher Pluto Press
Format Paperback
Publication date 27/04/1998
Pages 272
Weight (grammes) 503
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 215
Width (mm) 135

Part One: Foreign Policy
1. Postwar Foreign Policy and the Special Relationship
2. Foreign Policy Under the Democrats and Labour
Part Two: Development
3. The 'Development' System
4. The Prevention of Development
Part Three: the Middle East
5. Controlling the Modern Middle East
6. The Gulf
Part Four: the United Nations
7. The Us, Britain and the Un in History
8. Current Policy, Intervention and the Case of Rwanda