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The Extreme Right in Europe


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The Extreme Right in Europe

by Paul Hainsworth (Author)



ISBN: 9780415396820


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Provides a concise critical introduction to one of the emergent and durable themes in late twentieth-century history, politics and society. This book looks at how extremist and nationalist popular fronts have grown under the influence of modern-day issues. It presents an analytical portrait of its growth in eastern and western Europe.

The Extreme Right in Western Europe is a concise introduction to one of the most persistent facets of late twentieth-century history, politics and society. The legacy of the Nazi era and the increasingly unacceptable face of extremism all militated against the success of far right-wing parties after World War Two. Nevertheless, contemporary problems and the solutions offered to ever more difficult questions such as immigration, unemployment, and law and order have enabled extremist, nationalist and populist movements to emerge. Focusing on a range of countries including France, Italy, Germany, the UK, Austria, Belgium and the Mediterranean region, Paul Hainsworth:
* explores the concept of right-wing extremism
* discusses the varying success of extreme right political parties in Western Europe
* examines the policies and perspectives of these parties
* analyses the profile of the extreme right's electorate
* assesses the impact of right-wing extremism on aspects of politics in contemporary Western Europe. This accessible and up-to-date analysis of this enduring movement in Western Europe is a must for courses in history, politics and European studies.


ISBN 415396824
ISBN13 9780415396820
Publisher Routledge
Format Hardback
Publication date 15/06/2006
Pages 176
Weight (grammes) 340
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 216
Width (mm) 138

Introduction 1. Extreme Rightism 2. Success at the Polls: From Marginalisation to Ascendancy to Outcomes 3. Fluctuations on the Extreme Right 4. Ideology, Discourse and Policies 5. Voters and Voting 6. Impact Conclusion. Bibliography. Index