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The Daily Life of the Greek Gods


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The Daily Life of the Greek Gods

by Marcel Detienne (Author)
by etc. (Author)
by Guilia Sissa (Author)
Janet Lloyd (Translator)



ISBN: 9780804736138


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Despite the rousing stories of male heroism in battles, the Trojan War transcended the activities of its human participants. For Homer, it was the gods who conducted and accounted for what happened. This text pictures the social organization of the Greek gods, as revealed in Homer's "Iliad".

To set on stage a number of gods implicated in the world of human beings, the authors give precedence to the feminine over the masculine, choosing to show how such great powers as Hera and Athena wielded their sovereignty over cities, reigning over not only the activities of women but also the moulding of future citizens. Equally important, the authors turn to Dionysus and follow the evolution of one of his forms, that of the phallus paraded in processions. Under this god, so attentive to all things feminine, the authors explore the typically civic ways of thinking about the relations between natural fecundity and the sexuality of daily life.


ISBN 804736138
ISBN13 9780804736138
Publisher Stanford University Press
Format Hardback
Publication date 31/03/2000
Pages 312
Weight (grammes) 520
Published in United States
Height (mm) 225
Width (mm) 149

Part I. Homer as an Anthropologist: 1. Literature? Or anthropology? 2. The Gods: a particular nature, a particular society
3. Spending the time
4. Gods with a particular lifestyle
5. Savouring the sweetness of life
6. Divine interference
7. Scenes of sovereignty
8. The Gods and their days
Part II. The Gods at the Service of the City: 9. When the Olympians donned the citizen's costume
10. A polytheistic garden
11. Dealing with the Gods
12. The altars and territories that were home to the divine powers
13. The affairs of the Gods and the affairs of men
14. the power of women: Hera, Athena and their followers
15. A phallus for Dionysus