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The Bases of Competence
Skills for Lifelong Learning and Employability


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The Bases of Competence
Skills for Lifelong Learning and Employability

by Evers (Author)



ISBN: 9780787909215


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The Bases of Competence explains what skills and competencies students need to succeed in today's workplace and details how colleges and universities can strengthen the curriculum to cultivate these skills in their undergraduate students. The book addresses the continuing disparity between the skills developed in college and the essential skills needed in the dynamic workplace environment. By providing a common language from which to work, The Bases of Competence enables both educators and employers to create educational experiences of practical and enduring value.Drawing on more than a decade of research on companies, graduates, and students, the authors identify four distinct skill combinations most desired by employers----Managing Self, Communicating, Managing People and Tasks, and Mobilizing Innovation and Change. Using case studies and best practices from a wide variety of institutional settings and workplace environments, the authors show how developing competencies narrows the gap between the classroom and work----providing students with a portfolio of basic skills that translate into lifelong employability.


ISBN 787909211
ISBN13 9780787909215
Publisher Jossey-Bass Inc.,U.S.
Format Hardback
Publication date 18/09/1998
Pages 273
Weight (grammes) 522
Published in United States
Height (mm) 240
Width (mm) 160

UNDERSTANDING COMPETENCE. The Humbling Effect: Moving from College to the Workplace. Creating a Common Language about Competence. ESSENTIAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES. Managing Self. Communicating. Managing People and Tasks. Mobilizing Innovation and Change. DEVELOPING COMPETENCE. Closing the Gap Between Campuses and Workplaces. Fostering Workplace Skills in the College Curriculum. Building on Collegiate Learning in the Workplace. CASE STUDIES. Teaching World of Work Skills Within a Degree Program: Ontario Agricultural College (A. Auger). Listening to the Customer: External Assessment of Competencies at Babson College (J. Weintraub, et al.). Cultivating Competence to Sustain Competitive Advantage: The Bank of Montreal (J. Logan). Resource: Making the Match Year 3 Questionnaires (Skill Sections) for Students, Graduates, and Managers.