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The 8051 Microprocessor
A Systems Approach


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The 8051 Microprocessor
A Systems Approach

by Danny Causey (Author)
by Janice G. Mazidi (Author)
by Rolin D. McKinlay (Author)
by Muhammad Ali Mazidi (Author)



ISBN: 9780135080443


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The 8051 Microprocessor: A Systems Approach emphasizes the programming and interfacing of the 8051. Using a systematic, step-by-step approach, the text covers various aspects of 8051, including C and Assembly language programming and interfacing. Throughout each chapter, a wealth of examples and sample programs clarify the concepts, offering an opportunity to learn by doing. Review questions at the end of each section help reinforce the main points covered in the chapter.


ISBN 135080444
ISBN13 9780135080443
Publisher Prentice Hall
Format Paperback
Publication date 18/06/2012
Pages 648
Weight (grammes) 1458
Published in United States
Height (mm) 274
Width (mm) 216

0: Introduction to Computing
1: The 8051 Microcontrollers
2: 8051 Assembly Language Programming
3: Jump, Loop, and Call Instructions
4: I/O Port Programming
5: 8051 Addressing Modes
6: Arithmetic, Logic Instructions, and Programs
7: 8051 Programming in C
8: 8051 Hardware Connection and Intel Hex File
9: 8051 Timer Programming in Assembly and C
10: 8051 Serial Port Programming in Assembly and C
11: Interrupts Programming in Assembly and C
12: LCD and Keyboard Interfacing
13: ADC, DAC, and Sensor Interfacing
14: 8051 Interfacing to External Memory
15: Relay, Optoisolator, and Stepper Motor
16: DS12887 RTC Interfacing and Programming
17: DC Motor Control and PWM
18: I2C and SPI Protocols
A: 8051 Instructions, Timing, and Registers
B: Basics of Wire Wrapping
C: IC Technology and System Design Issues
D: Flowcharts and Pseudocode
E: 8051 Primer for x86 Programmers
F: ASCII Codes
G: Assemblers, Development Resources, and Suppliers