Skiing and Snowboarding
52 Brilliant Ideas for Fun on the Slopes


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Skiing and Snowboarding
52 Brilliant Ideas for Fun on the Slopes

by Cathy Struthers (Author)



ISBN: 9781904902515


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Whether you're in it for the adrenaline buzz, the social scene or the tremendous feeling of freedom it brings, a love affair with snowsports takes work, but it could just be one of the most satisfying relationships you'll ever have. And this book gives you a guide to getting the best from your experience.

"Eighteen years ago, dressed in a fetching neon pink all-in-one from C&A, I stepped onto skis for the first time. Six years later I started sliding sideways on a snowboard. And so began a lifelong love affair with the white stuff. Hooked on the winter, I started writing for various snowsports magazines, attending events and competitions and spending all my hard-earned cash chasing the snow. Whether you're in it for the adrenaline buzz, the social scene or the tremendous feeling of freedom it brings, a love affair with snowsports takes work, but it could just be one of the most satisfying relationships you'll ever have. And this book will give you an insider's guide to getting the best from your experience." - Cathy Struthers.


ISBN 1904902510
ISBN13 9781904902515
Publisher Infinite Ideas Limited
Format Paperback
Publication date 23/12/2005
Pages 256
Weight (grammes) 651.00
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 210
Width (mm) 171

1) Picking your planks
So you're officially hooked on cruising the white stuff. But when's
the right time to turn your back on the rental shop queues and buy your own pair of skis? And where on earth do you start? Fret not, help is at hand.
2) Get on board
Ready to buy yourself the ultimate accessory in cool? Do your
research right and buying a snowboard could be one of the best investments in fun you ever make.
3) Keep your feet sweet
It can turn you from an average rider into a red hot rider and make
or break your day on the piste. If there's one thing you need to get right before you head for the slopes, it's selecting the right pair of ski or snowboard boots.
4) Weather any white out
Whether you beg, borrow or buy it, there are some criteria your
outerwear has to meet. Don't let the manufacturers blind you with science, gearing up is simpler than they make it sound.
5) Talking tech
Why carry your on-piste gadgets when you can wear them? Take the heat of your skiing skills and wow onlookers with wearable technology instead.
6) Skinflint saviours
A ski holiday shouldn't mean you have to remortgage the house. If
booking the holiday was expense enough, get canny and you can kit up on the cheap.
7) The protection racket
Butt pad, wrist guards, helmet, kidney protection - slope style has
suddenly gone all Michelin man. But how much protection do you really need to avoid the bruise cruise?
8) Go gadget
Avalanche transceivers, GPS systems, on-slope tools...snowsports
offer an array of 'essential' gadgets that would make even Q blush. Learn about the latest - without sounding like an anorak.
9) Wanna get high?
The world's highest resorts may deliver if you're after steep and
deep, but being on top of the world doesn't necessarily mean you'll feel it. It's time to get clued up for high altitude health.
10) Apres-ski angels
Overdosed on apres-ski? A bit of pretox before and the right detox
the morning after is guaranteed to get you on the slopes before lunch.
11) Peak performance
Stop! Before you reach for that morning croissant or that plate of
frites in the mountain restaurant, learn that the fuel you put in your furnace makes a massive difference to your performance on the slopes. Know what to eat and when.
12) The best defence
Yes, yes, we know, it's cold, it's wet and you'll be out in it
every day. The last thing you want is to fall sick on your precious week in the snow, but there's plenty you can do to boost your immune system and make sure your defences are tip-top in time.
13) Skin saviours
The sun is stronger, the winds are harsher and the 'hat hair'
hidden for most of the day does you no favours when you hit the bar. If you want to stay gotgeous and healthy below zero, you've gotta work at it.
14) Pre-ski prep
We've all been wake up on day two of your ski holiday
and your body refuses to move. Avoid the agony of aching legs and burning thighs at the end of day one by working on your ski fitness before you go.
15) Injury-free forever
Don't let an injury ruin your next ski trip. Strengthen your weak
spots and stay injury-free.
16) Hard core
It's not just about being able to 'bend ze knees', the secret to
performing on the slopes is balance. Breathe in, it's time to tone that tum and get the the core of ski fitness.
17) Body shock
Does your pre-ski routine mean stepping out from hot chocolate and
a toasty chalet straight into minus temperatures and a rigorous black run? Give your body a break and warm up before getting down.
18) Insurance
Injury is probably the last thing on your mind when you're ripping
up the slopes, but a little preparation can save you a lot of heartache.
19) Have a knees up
Most skiers and snowboarders complain of 'dodgy knees' from time to
ime. Whether they click, hurt or ache when you're asked to 'bend ze knees',you don't have to put up with it. Target the problem and there will be a solution right for you.
20) Find your feet
Want to ski better, faster, longer, without doing a shred of
technique work? Then you need to sort out your stance, get properly aligned and slip a little extra something into your boots.
21) On slope SOS
So you've taken a tumble...apart from screaming in agony, what do
you do? Get witness statements? Stay in resort for treatment or fly home for an op? Call your insurance company? Get it right and you'll get the speediest recovery.
22) Nailing nerves
Whether you lose your nerve at the top of a double black diamond or
the ski bunny nursery slope, there's plenty you can do to flatten the fear.
23) Bouncing back from injury
It don't stop when you're laid up. Research shows that sports
psychology techniques can actually speed up your recovery time. Get back on the horse.
24) Bend ze knees
Feeling a bit shaky trying to master a snowplough turn? Focus on
the right things and you'll find your ski legs in no time at all.
25) Let's get ready to tumble
There's an unwritten rule in snowboarding - thou shalt fall over
500 times before sliding sideways 'clicks'. Sorry, we don't make the rules, but we can help you make it click faster.
26) Pefecting parallels
Progressing from awkward-looking snowplough turns to perfect
parallels is the biggest leap you'll make in skiing. It's tough, but it's not rocket science, it's simply about getting your mind and your body working in parallel too.
27) Learning to link
So you can sideslipleft and sideslip right on your board? Now take
it to the next stage and link those turns. This is the moment it will all 'click', the moment the learning curve approaches vertical. Prepare to look like a pro in days.
28) Carve it up
If you really want to look the business carving dowwn the slopes,
you need to dig in those edges and send arcs of powder spraying. It takes guts, but it's just a few easy steps from cruising to carving.
29) Getting air time
So you can crusie red runs and shred black runs in your sleep? Take
it to the next level with on-piste pops and blink-and-you'll-miss-it jumps. It's the best way to prepare to get some air.
30) Park life: ski
It's the 21st century and skiing is cool again? No longer in the
shadow of it's stroppy little brother, snowboarding, skiing is truly hip. Want to know what boosted its style rating? Freestyle. Yep, if you want to be a new school skier, you're going to have to get to grips with the terrain park.
31) Park life: snowboard
Skip the halfpipe, the jumps and the boadercross and you miss half
of what snowboarding's all about. Everyone has to be a first timer in the park some time. Take a deep breath, you're up.
32) Pushing the boundaries
Lovely groomed pistes are all very well, but if you're serious
about your snowsports, the time will come when you want to go 'out of bounds'. But don't take it lightly, whetever your chosen terrain, off-piste is all about preparation.
33) Lumps, bumps and stumps
Not every run is a smooth, courdoroy couloir. Whether you're riding
through trees or mastering moguls that murder your knees, technique is all-important.
34) Piste off
At least, that's what the mountain rescue team will be if you head
out of bounds without the proper know-how. No matter how experienced a rider you are, you're running big risks unless you have the right equipment, the right companions and the right safety sense.
35) Winning the mind game.
In any sport, 80 per cent of performing well is in the mind. In
skiing and snowboarding, experts reckon that figure is even higher. If you've ever been psyched out by a near vertical drop, choked before your first jump or have just had a mental block over something as seemingly simple as turning, this chapter's for you.
36) Epic escapes
Some ski resorts defy criticism. They have perfect pistes, awesome
apres-ski and a very large dose of the X-factor. If you ski them only once in your life, it'll be worth it. Here's the inside info on the Famous Five.
37) Ssh! Snowsports' hidden gems
Sick of lift queues and bored of busy pistes? There are still some
hidden gems out there just waiting to be skied. Just keep quiet about it.
38) Cheap thrills
A ski or snowboard holiday doesn't have to break the bank. If you
pick the right destination and get canny with how you book it, even the most scrooge-like skier can get their kicks for less.
39) Hip hotels and chic chalets
Few sports do classy as well as those on the snow. From appartments
in Aspen to five star zzz's in Zermatt, these are the places to go if you want a taste of cold weather chic. James Bond eat your heart out.
40) Cool and the gang
The best group holiday is a holiday in the snow. If you've got
lumbered with the legwork this year, this chapter will give you the
leadership lowdown for planning a perfect powder party.
41) Perfect match
Is your chosen resort lively? Did you get it at bargain basement
price? Is it in with the 'in' crowd? Forget all other criteria, there's only one comaprison that really matters: match your resort with your ability and you'll get it right every time.
42) Child on board
So you're taking the family? Then a bit of preparation and the
right questions will go a long way. Where has the best family-friendly facilities, what top tips do you need to know and when is the right time to get the kids on skis?
43) Girls just wanna have fun
Women learn faster when there are no guys around. No wonder
women-specific ski and snowboard camps and clinics are becoming big business (don't worry boys, we've got top tips for you too).
44) Party on the slopes
What could be better than world class skiing or snowboarding by day
and A-list partying by night? There's a whole calendar of snowsports events that you cannot afford to miss.
45) Endless winter
What do you do when the snow melts? Chase it around the globe,
search out a glacier, get to grips with dry slopes...who says snowsports are seasonal?
46) Go like a pro
How do the pros survive the seasons? A few top tips from the winter
junkies is all you need to find out.
47) Hill highway code
So you've mastered the ski hill, the slopes are yours and you feel
like king of the mountain. Reality check: you have to share these slopes with the ever-burgeoning snowsports junkies too. Be kind to your fellow skier and learn the ski code.
48) Become a man or woman magnet
Training to be a ski instructor needn't take years. Nowdays you can
earn your wings in as little as four weeks. Sabbatical anyone?
49) Sex and the chalet
Want to stay on the slopes all winter? Whether you opt to pull
pints, serve in a chalet or help out on the chairlift, doing a season well takes planning.
50) Tree hugging
What's the point in learning to ski or board if global warming
melts all the snow? From tree planting to learning the eco-code, snowsports are finally getting eco-friendly.
51) Cutting edges
Skiwear that communicates, base layers that monitor blood sugar and
skis that turn for you. From fashion and freestyle to what's the future of snowsports technology. The future: freestyle, fashion, hip destinations,
high altitude.
52) Love your hardware
Wax it, screw it, align it. Looking after your hardware may sound
kinky but it really will appreciate your loving touch.