Policy Networks in British Government


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Policy Networks in British Government

R. A. W. Rhodes (Editor)
David Marsh (Editor)



ISBN: 9780198278528


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Policy is not made in the public arena of elections and Parliament, but in the netherworld of committees, civil servants, professions, and interest groups. This volume explores the private world of public policy in Britain.

Policy is not made in the electoral arena or in the gladiatorial confrontations of Parliament, but in the netherworld of committees, civil servants, professions, and interest groups. This collection explores the private world of public policy. It provides a survey of the literature on the concept of policy networks and demonstrates its importance for understanding specific policy areas. The case studies cover policy-making in agriculture, civil nuclear power, youth employment, smoking, heart disease, sea defences, information technology, and exchange rate policy. Finally the editors attempt an overall assessment of the utility of the concept, focusing on such questions as why networks change, which interests dominate and benefit from networks, and the consequences of the present system for representative democracy. To describe policy networks is not to condone political oligopoly. Britain has witnessed the substitution of private government for public accountability. The analysis of policy networks draws attention to this erosion of representative democracy and exposes the private government of Britain to public gaze.


ISBN 198278527
ISBN13 9780198278528
Publisher Clarendon Press
Format Hardback
Publication date 28/05/1992
Pages 312
Weight (grammes) 512
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 221
Width (mm) 145

Policy networks in Britain - a critique of existing approaches, David Marsh and R.A.W. Rhodes
the agricultural policy community maintaining a closed relationship, Martin Smith
the health service policy community - professionals pre-eminent or under challenge?, Gerald Wiston
the civil nuclear network in Britain, Michael Saward
sea defences - a professionalized network?, Caroline Cunningham
policy networks and issue networks - the politics of smoking, Melvyn Read
the case of food and health and the use of network analysis, Michael Mills
youth employment policy 1970-1990 - towards the exclusion of the trade unions, David Marsh
international monetary relations, policy networks and the Labour Government's policy of non-devaluation, 1964-1967, Rob Stones
the European technology community - policy networks in a supranational setting, John Peterson
policy communities and issue networks - beyond typology, David Marsh and R.A.W. Rhodes.