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Paediatric Intensive Care


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Paediatric Intensive Care

Tariq Ali (Editor)
Kevin Morris (Editor)
Peter Barry (Editor)


Part-work (fasciculo)

ISBN: 9780199233274


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Paediatric Intensive Care gives practical and realistic advice for all those who care for critically ill children. Organised predominantly by system or speciality for easy reference, it also comprehensively covers the underlying principles that guide clinicians in every day practice.

The handbook contains answers to specific problems and provides guidance on how to manage specific issues, and will become an indispensible guide for all those who provide care to sick children.


ISBN 199233276
ISBN13 9780199233274
Publisher Oxford University Press
Format Part-work (fasciculo)
Publication date 25/03/2010
Pages 944
Weight (grammes) 462
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 183
Width (mm) 106

1. An introduction to paediatric intensive care
2. Epidemiology and outcome of paediatric intensive care
3. Paediatric resuscitation and critical care outreach
4. Clinical assessment
5. Physics and clinical measurement
6. Vascular access and monitoring
7. Applied physiology
8. Airway management and ventilation
9. Anaesthesia
10. Analgesia and sedation
11. Circulatory support
12. Cardiopulmonary bypass
13. Managing fluids and electrolytes/acid base
14. Renal replacement therapies
15. Nutrition
16. Heat-related illness
17. Prescribing
18. Transport and retrieval
19. Imaging in paediatric intensive care
20. Cardiac disorders and post-operative care
21. Respiratory disease
22. Neurocritical care
23. Trauma
24. Infection control policies and PICU
25. Immunity and infection
26. Sepsis and multiple organ failure
27. Laboratory investigations for infectious disease
28. Antimicrobial use on the PICU
29. Neonatology
30. Gastroenterology and hepatology
31. Nephrology
32. Diabetes and endocrinology
33. Metabolic
34. Haematology and oncology
35. Brain death, organ donation, and transplantation
36. Poisoning
37. Technology dependent children
38. Genetic syndromes
39. Paediatric intensive care medicine in the developing world
40. The child and family in PICU
41. Aspects of the law in paediatric intensive care
42. Clinical governance, audit and risk management
43. Child protection