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Our Culture of Pandering


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Our Culture of Pandering

by Paul Simon (Author)



ISBN: 9780809325290


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While the American nation has much to be proud of, former senator Paul Simon argues that there is danger in the temptation to ignore the far-reaching repercussions of a society that caters to money and power. He advocates genuine leadership in politics, media, religion and education.

Boldly and eloquently contributing to a cumulative understanding of how we can build a sturdier, more ethical foundation for the future, Simon suggests proactive, long-term solutions to the problems that threaten our country's moral, financial, and intellectual well-being - problems that are increasingly exacerbated by our culture of pandering. "In too many areas we have spawned 'leadership' that does not lead, that panders to our whims rather than telling us the truth, that follows the crowd rather than challenging us, that weakens us rather than strengthening us," Simon writes in his introduction. "It is easy to go downhill, and we are now following that easy path. Pandering is not illegal, but it is immoral. It is doing the convenient when the right course demands inconvenience and courage.


ISBN 809325292
ISBN13 9780809325290
Publisher Southern Illinois University Press
Format Hardback
Publication date 30/06/2003
Pages 160
Weight (grammes) 454
Published in United States
Height (mm) 216
Width (mm) 140