No War
America's Real Business in Iraq


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No War
America's Real Business in Iraq

by et al. (Author)
by Naomi Klein (Author)



ISBN: 9781903933572


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A searing "j'accuse" of the US government and the real economic plan behind the Anglo-American takeover of Iraq.

Contrary to today's news headlines, there always was a detailed plan for what would happen to postwar Iraq. But it had little do with the banners under which the American and British governments cynically marketed their invasion of Iraq - democracy, freedom and fighting terrorism. As if in a giant hostile takeover, the real intentions of the Iraqi invasion were dishonestly disguised: the wiping out of an entire culture in as short a time as possible. Within days of the occupation of Iraq began a firesale of its national assets. Everything was engineered to indenture for generations to come an already impoverished population to foreign investors, while teaching the new belief that greed is good. This scathing J'Accuse tears the veil off the hypocrisy of the actions of Tony Blair and George W. Bush. Seeing the horrific scars inflicted on a country under stress, and the deeply shocking motives for it, no reader will be able to look at the Iraqi Invasion with same eyes as before.


ISBN 1903933579
ISBN13 9781903933572
Publisher Gibson Square Books Ltd
Format Paperback
Publication date 26/03/2005
Pages 104
Weight (grammes) 150
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 170
Width (mm) 110