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Miners, Unions and Politics, 1910-47


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Miners, Unions and Politics, 1910-47

David Howell (Editor)
Nina Fishman (Editor)
etc. (Editor)
Alan Campbell (Editor)



ISBN: 9781859282694


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An examination of the politics of the British Miner's Federation, the influences of syndicalism and communism, and the uneven pace of the Labour Party's progress within the coalfields. This work also discusses the formation of the NUM and the nationalization of the mining industry.


ISBN 1859282695
ISBN13 9781859282694
Publisher Scolar Press
Format Hardback
Publication date 25/01/1996
Pages 320
Weight (grammes) 650
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 165
Width (mm) 241

Part 1 National perspectives: "A Cult of Their Own" - syndicalism and the miner's next step, David Egan
"All or Nowt" - the politics of the MFGB, David Howell
the Labour party and electoral politics in the coalfields, Duncan Turner
heroes and anti-heroes - communists in the coalfields, Nina Fishman. Part 2 Regional studies: the hope of the British Proletariat - the South Wales miners, 1910-1947, Chris Williams
the social history of political conflict in the Scots coalfields, 1910-1939, Alan Campbell
the miners, unions and politics in Nottinghamshire, 1910-47, David Gilbert
work, class and community - social identities and political change in the Lancashire coalfield, 1910-1939, Trevor Griffiths
the politics of Labourism in the Yorkshire coalfield, 1926-45, Andrew Taylor. Part 3 Outcomes: learning from bitter experience - the making of the NUM, Hywel Francis
the beginning of the beginning - the miners and nationalism, 1947, Nina Fishman.