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Measurement and Calibration in High Voltage Testing
Conference Proceedings


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Measurement and Calibration in High Voltage Testing
Conference Proceedings



ISBN: 9780700806805


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These proceedings provide advice on measuring and testing systems and calibrators. Verifying measuring system and intercomparison projects are examined. The papers highlight what to avoid in HV measurements and provide approaches to measurement problems.


ISBN 700806806
ISBN13 9780700806805
Publisher ERA Technology Ltd
Format Paperback
Publication date 00/12/1998
Pages 324
Weight (grammes) 651.00
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm)
Width (mm)

Part 1 High current: European intercomparison of high-current measuring systems of high-power laboratories to establish traceability
a new high-resolution high-frequency current-zero measuring system
current calibrator for step response measurements of current sensors. Part 2 High voltage: a current-ratio measurement for 0.01 per cent linearity of a 1000kV DC national reference resistor
verification of AC measuring system linearity
use of a field probe to verify the linearity of the dividers used in HV impulse test
improvement of dividers for fast and very fast HV transients
a high current engineer's approach to a high voltage impulse measurement problem
practical experience with calculable impulse voltage calibrator
invited address - history and future of PD measurement. Part 3 Partial discharge: performance test of partial discharge calibrators, calculating its uncertainty and establishing its record of performance according to IEC 60270 CD 1997-06-13
partial discharge calibrators - practical experience in their calibration
performance tests of PD measuring instruments and calibrators
new technology enhances partial discharge detection and analysis
partial discharge mapping in the commissioning of HV cables and switchgear. Part 4 Accreditation: a DKD HV calibration laboratory in Romania
a new high voltage laboratory for the calibration of voltage measuring systems in Taiwan
practical experiences with stationary and mobile calibration laboratories
accreditation in a HV laboratory - a permanent process - practical experience for continuous progress
common rules and experience in the accreditation of HV calibration laboratories. Part 5 Supplementary papers: a 300kV reference measurement systems for impulse voltage intercomparison tests
experimental investigations of electromagnetic interference due to partial discharge at HV insulators.