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Meaghan Delahunt


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Christopher Silver


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Introduction to Chemical Biology


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Introduction to Chemical Biology

by Amanda C. Nottbohm (Author)
by P. J. Hergenrother (Author)



ISBN: 9780470990032


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Introduction to Chemical Biology provides a detailed introduction to the discipline and tackles the practical aspects of working in a chemical biology laboratory. After a complete discussion of the tools and techniques of chemical biology, it delves into more advanced topics such as target identification.

Topics covered include:
*the basics of chemical biology: amino acids; protein structure; enzyme kinetics; DNA; replication, transcription and translation; cell structure and cell division
*chemical biology tools: recombinant protein expression/purification; PCR; analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein levels; chemical genetics and RNAi; fluorescence microscopy and related techniques; facile chemical reactions for use as biomolecular probes; combinatorial chemistry; high-throughput screening
*applications of chemical biology: target identification; incorporation of novel amino acids into proteins; combinatorial biosysnthesis of natural products; DNA binders; activity based profiling; the molecular basis for cancer; targeted therapeutics; structure based drug design; stem cells and regenerative medicine; proteomics Introduction to Chemical Biology distills the essence of this important topic for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and for researchers in other fields interested in getting a general insight into this increasingly important interdisciplinary subject


ISBN 470990031
ISBN13 9780470990032
Publisher Wiley-Blackwell
Format Hardback
Publication date 30/09/2011
Pages 328
Weight (grammes) 751.00
Published in United States
Height (mm) 246
Width (mm) 189