Information Theoretic Security


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Information Theoretic Security

Reihaneh Safavi-Naini (Volume Editor)



ISBN: 9783540850922


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Constitutes the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Information Theoretic Security, held in Calgary, Canada, in August 2008. This work covers topics including secure and reliable communication; networks and devices; multiparty computation; information hiding and tracing; coding theory and security; foundation; and, encryption.

In the case of co-authorship by a Program Committee member the paper was reviewed by ?ve members of the committee (no committee member reviewed their own s- mission). In addition to the accepted papers, the conference also included nine invited speakers, whose contributions were not refereed. These proceedings c- tain the acceptedpapers with anyrevisionsrequiredbythe ProgramCommittee as well as the contributions by invited speakers.


ISBN 3540850929
ISBN13 9783540850922
Publisher Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K
Format Paperback
Publication date 18/08/2006
Pages 249
Weight (grammes) 409
Published in Germany
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Secure and Reliable Communication I.- Partially Connected Networks: Information Theoretically Secure Protocols and Open Problems (Invited Talk).- Almost Secure 1-Round Message Transmission Scheme with Polynomial-Time Message Decryption.- Quantum Information and Communication.- Interactive Hashing: An Information Theoretic Tool (Invited Talk).- Distributed Relay Protocol for Probabilistic Information-Theoretic Security in a Randomly-Compromised Network.- Networks and Devices.- Strong Secrecy for Wireless Channels (Invited Talk).- Efficient Key Predistribution for Grid-Based Wireless Sensor Networks.- Does Physical Security of Cryptographic Devices Need a Formal Study? (Invited Talk).- Mulitparty Computation.- A Single Initialization Server for Multi-party Cryptography.- Statistical Security Conditions for Two-Party Secure Function Evaluation.- Information Hiding and Tracing.- Upper Bounds for Set Systems with the Identifiable Parent Property.- Coding Theory and Security.- Oblivious Transfer Based on the McEliece Assumptions.- List Error-Correction with Optimal Information Rate (Invited Talk).- Quantum Computation.- Theory of Quantum Key Distribution: The Road Ahead (Invited Talk).- Susceptible Two-Party Quantum Computations.- Secure and Reliable Communication II.- Perfectly Reliable and Secure Communication Tolerating Static and Mobile Mixed Adversary.- Key Refreshing in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Efficient Traitor Tracing from Collusion Secure Codes.- Foundation.- Revisiting the Karnin, Greene and Hellman Bounds.- Simple Direct Reduction of String (1,2)-OT to Rabin's OT without Privacy Amplification.- The Complexity of Distinguishing Distributions (Invited Talk).- Encryption.- Some Information Theoretic Arguments for Encryption: Non-malleability and Chosen-Ciphertext Security (Invited Talk).- A Proof of Security in O(2 n ) for the Xor of Two Random Permutations.