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The History of Rome: Volume 3


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The History of Rome: Volume 3

by Barthold Georg Niebuhr (Author)
Leonhard Schmitz (Translator)
William Smith (Translator)



ISBN: 9781108012331


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A nineteenth-century book that revolutionised scholarly views on ancient Rome and the understanding of history as an academic discipline.

This three-volume English translation of Barthold Georg Niebuhr's influential History of Rome was published between 1828 and 1842. It follows the second German edition, which the author contrasts with the earlier edition (1811-1812, translated into English in 1827) as being 'the work of a man who has reached his maturity'. The early part of the nineteenth century saw important developments in philological scholarship in Germany, and Niebuhr's international career as a statesman and scholar reflected Germany's new-found confidence in the wider world. His book had a lasting impact both within its own subject area and on the understanding of history as an academic discipline, and was a landmark of nineteenth-century European scholarship. Volume 3 begins with the Licinian rogations and ends with the first Punic war.


ISBN 1108012337
ISBN13 9781108012331
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Format Paperback
Publication date 20/05/2010
Pages 740
Weight (grammes) 930
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 216
Width (mm) 140

1. The Licinian rogations
2. The new curule dignities of the year 384
3. Internal history down to the complete establishment of the plebeian consulship
On the uncial rate of interest
4. History of the wars from 384 to 406
5. Rome in alliance with Latium
6. The earliest constitution of the manipular legion
7. The first Samnite War
8. The Latin War
9. The laws of the dictator Q. Publilius
10. Internal history down to the Caudine Peace
11. Alexander of Epirus
12. Foreign relations down to the second Samnite War
13. The second Samnite War
14. Relations between Rome and the nations bordering on Samnium after the Peace
15. The Etruscan Wars down to the beginning of the third Samnite War
16. Internal history from the Caudine Peace down to the third Samnite War
17. Cn. Flavius
18. The censorship of Q. Fabius and P. Decius
19. The Ogulnian Law
20. Various occurrences of the same period
21. The third Samnite War and the others of the same period
22. Internal history from the beginning of the second Samnite War down to the Lucanian
23. Miscellaneous occurrence of the same period
24. The Etruscan and Gallic War
25. The Lucanian, Bruttian, fourth Samnite, and Tarentine Wars
26. Epirus and Pyrrhus
27. The Roman and Macedonian tactics
28. The War with Pyrrhus
29. Entire subjugation of Italy, and the political rights of the Italian allies
30. Internal history and miscellaneous occurrences of the period from the Lucanian down to the first Punic War
31. The first Punic War