History of Madness


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History of Madness

by Michel Foucault (Author)
Jean Khalfa (Editor)
Jean Khalfa (Translator)
Jonathan Murphy (Translator)



ISBN: 9780415477260


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Begins in the Middle Ages with vivid descriptions of the exclusion and confinement of lepers. Why, the author asks, when the leper houses were emptied at the end of the Middle Ages, were they turned into places of confinement for the mad? Why, within the space of several months in 1656, was one out of every hundred people in Paris confined?

He also urges us to recognize the creative and liberating forces that madness represents, brilliantly drawing on examples from Goya, Nietzsche, Van Gogh and Artaud. "The History of Madness" is an inspiring and classic work that challenges us to understand madness, reason and power and the forces that shape them.


ISBN 415477263
ISBN13 9780415477260
Publisher Routledge
Format Paperback
Publication date 19/03/2009
Pages 768
Weight (grammes) 1134
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 234
Width (mm) 156

Jean Khalfa Foreword: History and significance of Foucault\'s History of Madness
1. 1961 edition
2. 1972 edition
Part 1.
1. Stultifera Navis
2. The great confinement
3. The correctional world
4. Experiences of madness
5. The insane
Part 2.
1. The madman in the garden of species
2. The transcendence of delirium
3. Figures of madness
4. Doctors and patients
Part 3.
1. The great fear
2. The new division
3. The proper use of liberty
4. Birth of the asylum
5. The anthropological circle
1. \"Reponse a Derrida\" (\"Michel Foucault Derrida e no kaino\" Paideia (Tokyo) February 1972)
2. \"La Folie, l\'absence d\'oeuvre\" Appendix 1 of 1972 edition
3. \"Mon corps, ce papier, ce feu\" Appendix 2 of 1972 edition
Critical bibliography on Foucault\'s History of Madness