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On the Geographies of Gunnar Olsson


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On the Geographies of Gunnar Olsson

Martin Gren (Editor)
Christian Abrahamsson (Editor)



ISBN: 9781409412373


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Since the early 1960s, Swedish geographer Gunnar Olsson has made substantial contributions to his own discipline. This book presents a comprehensive introduction to, and overview of, the entire range of Olsson's geography from the early days of spatial science to his contemporary engagement with, and critique of, cartographical reasoning.

It also contains critical engagements from leading scholars such as Michael Dear, Michael Watts, Chris Philo and Marcus Doel, with Olsson's geography, from a variety of perspectives, which are particularly valuable to those readers who already know his work. It is structured and written in a way that makes Olsson's geography accessible to a wide readership, including those who are not already familiar with Olsson's work.


ISBN 1409412377
ISBN13 9781409412373
Publisher Ashgate Publishing Limited
Format Hardback
Publication date 11/05/2012
Pages 380
Weight (grammes) 751.00
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 234
Width (mm) 156

Contents: Part A Introduction: Christian Abrahamsson and Martin Gren
Gunnar Olsson and humans as geo-graphical beings, Martin Gren. Part B Equal Signs: Geography 1984, Gunnar Olsson
Emerging from the 'egg', Reginald G. Golledge
Inference problems in locational analysis, Gunnar Olsson
Gunnar Ollson: figures in a landscape, Michael Dear
Servitude and inequality in spatial planning: methodology and ideology in conflict, Gunnar Olsson
Between the castle and the trial: the spaceless space of planning, Tom Mels. Part C Chiasms: -/-, Gunnar Olsson
Of bats, birds and mice, Michael J. Watts
The social space of silence, Gunnar Olsson
'Without madness what is man': crazy wisdom and recovering the human in Olsson's method of cartographic critique, David Jansson
Chiasm of thought-and-action, Gunnar Olsson
Chiasm, rubric, Jette Hansen-Moller. Part D Maps: Projection of desire/desire of projection, Gunnar Olsson
My Gunnar Olsson, Trevor Barnes
Mapping the forbidden, Gunnar Olsson
The minimalist: three variations on homo pontefix, Christian Abrahamsson
Gunnar Olsson, figures of 'madness' and a form of 'schizologie', Chris Philo. Part E Cartographic(al) Reason: Mappa mundi universalis: a commentary on the power of cartographical reason, Gunnael Jensson
De ludo globi or the Reason of the Sphere, Alessandra Bonazzi
To be human. The secret of the pyramid, Ole Michael Jensen
Double crossed, Marcus Doel
De nobis ipsis silemus, Franco Farinelli