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Gate of the Heart
Understanding the Writings of the Bab


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Gate of the Heart
Understanding the Writings of the Bab

by Nader Saiedi (Author)



ISBN: 9781554580569


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In 1844 a charismatic young Persian merchant from Shiraz, known as the Bab, electrified the Shi'ih world by claiming to be the return of the Hidden Twelfth Imam of Islamic prophecy. This book offers an introduction to the writings of the Bab. It examines the Bab's major works in multifaceted context, explaining the theological system.

Arguing that the Babi movement went far beyond an attempt at an Islamic Reformation, the author explores controversial issues and offers conclusions that will compel a re-evaluation of some prevalent assumptions about the Bab's station, claims, and laws. Nader Saiedi's meticulous and insightful analysis identifies the key themes, terms, and concepts that characterize each stage of the Bab's writings, unlocking the code of the Bab's mystical lexicon. Gate of the Heart is a subtle and profound textual study and an essential resource for anyone wishing to understand the theological foundations of the Baha'i religion and the Bab's significance in religious history.


ISBN 1554580560
ISBN13 9781554580569
Publisher Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Format Paperback
Publication date 31/03/2010
Pages 432
Weight (grammes) 474
Published in Canada
Height (mm) 228
Width (mm) 152

Part I: The Interpretive Revelation
Part II: The Metaphysics of the Primal Will &
Divine Action
Part III: The Primal Point &
Progressive Revelation