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The Early Days of a Better Nation

Stewart Bremner


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Naked Ambition


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Naked Ambition

by Jad Adams (Author)



ISBN: 9780857381613


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A brand-new biography of the 'father' of modern India.

He delineates the principal events of a career that may truly be said to have changed the world: his training as a barrister in late Victorian London; his civil rights work in Boer War-era South Africa; his leadership of the Indian National Congress; his focus on obtaining self-government and control of all Indian government institutions, and the campaigns of non-cooperation and non-violence against British rule in India whereby he sought to achieve that aim (including the famous 'Salt March' of March/April 1930); his passionate opposition to partition in 1947 and his fasts-unto-death in a bid to end the bitter and bloody sectarian violence that attended it. Jad Adams's accessible and thoughtful biography not only traces the outline of an extraordinary life with exemplary clarity, but also examines why Mahatma Gandhi and his teachings are still profoundly relevant today.


ISBN 85738161
ISBN13 9780857381613
Publisher Quercus Publishing
Format Paperback
Publication date 31/03/2011
Pages 352
Weight (grammes) 226
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 198
Width (mm) 124

Maps: The Partition of India, 1947
South Africa, 1893.
Introduction: Naked Ambition.
Childhood and Marriage.
London Lessons.
Adventures in Natal.
Challenge and Chastity.
The Army of the Poor.
Village Activist.
Arousing India.
The Salt March.
World Icon.
Quit India.
Partition and Death.