Flowering Plants
Basswoods to Spurges


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Flowering Plants
Basswoods to Spurges

by Robert H. Mohlenbrock (Author)



ISBN: 9780809310258


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This is the fourth volume in The Illustrated Flora of Illinois devoted to dicotyledons, or dicot plants. Dicots are the greatest group of flowering plants, exceeding the monocotyledons, or monocots. Dicots produce a pair of seed leaves during germination while monocots produce only a single seed leaf.</p></p>This volume contains four orders and ten families of dicots. The orders included in this volume are Malvales, Urticales, Rhamnales, and Euphorbiales. Within the Malvales are the families Tiliaceae, Sterculiaceae, and Malvaceae. The families Ulmaceae, Moraceae, and Urticaceae comprise the Urticales. Rhamnaceae and Elaeagnaceae make up the Rhamnales. The Euphorbiales include only the Thymelaeceae and the Euphorbiaceae.</p>"


ISBN 809310252
ISBN13 9780809310258
Publisher Southern Illinois University Press
Format Hardback
Publication date 15/06/2006
Pages 234
Weight (grammes) 499
Published in United States
Height (mm) 222
Width (mm) 146