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Early Modern Liberalism


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Early Modern Liberalism

by Annabel Patterson (Author)



ISBN: 9780521592604


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A major statement by senior US scholar on the development and transmission of liberal thought.

Early Modern Liberalism rediscovers an important phase in the development of liberal thought. Despite the fact that 'liberalism' as a term was not applied to political thought or political parties in England until late in the eighteenth century, Annabel Patterson argues that its central ideas were formulated by seventeenth-century English writers in defiance of their society's norms, and then transmitted to the American colonies. The author is particularly concerned with the means and agents of transmission, with those who ensured that the liberal canon would be preserved, expanded, republished and dispersed; for example, the eighteenth-century philanthropist Thomas Hollis, among whose heroes were Milton, Marvell, Locke and Algernon Sidney. Framed by chapters on Hollis and Adams, this book shows what early modern liberals had in common and reopens the transatlantic conversation that began in the seventeenth century.


ISBN 521592607
ISBN13 9780521592604
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Format Hardback
Publication date 13/11/1997
Pages 330
Weight (grammes) 610
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 228
Width (mm) 152

1. Deeds of peace: Thomas Hollis's republic of letters
2. 'Prejudice ... sways a world of people': Milton's sonnets
3. Unjust tribunals I: 'Read this trial'
4. Unjust tribunals II: Algernon Sidney
5. Anecdotes
6. Secret history
7. Reading Locke
8. John Adams: reader extraordinary