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Dialectical Disputations


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Dialectical Disputations

by Lorenzo Valla (Author)
Lodi Nauta (Edited And Translated)
Brian P. Copenhaver (Edited And Translated)



ISBN: 9780674061408


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The Dialectical Disputations, translated here for the first time into any modern language, is Valla's principal contribution to the philosophy of language and logic. Valla sought to replace the scholastic tradition of Aristotelian logic with a new logic based on the historical usage of classical Latin and on a commonsense approach.

Valla's goal was to provide a logic that could be used by lawyers, preachers, statesmen, and others who needed to succeed in public debate--one that was both stylistically correct and rhetorically elegant, and thus could dispense with the technical language of the scholastics, a "tribe of Peripatetics, perverters of natural meanings." Valla's reformed dialectic became a milestone in the development of humanist logic and contained startling anticipations of certain modern theories of semantics and language.


ISBN 674061403
ISBN13 9780674061408
Publisher Harvard University Press
Format Hardback
Publication date 03/08/2012
Pages 608
Weight (grammes) 666
Published in United States
Height (mm) 250
Width (mm) 150