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Descartes' Dualism


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Descartes' Dualism

by Gordon Baker (Author)
by Katherine J. Morris (Author)



ISBN: 9780415101219


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The authors controversially challenge the consensus prevailing in Descartes scholarship and philosophy in general,arguing a radically different interpretation of his doctrine. This is a thoroughly scholarly work, yet accessible.

Was Descartes a Cartesian Dualist? In this controversial study, Gordon Baker and Katherine J. Morris argue that, despite the general consensus within philosophy, Descartes was neither a proponent of dualism nor guilty of the many crimes of which he has been accused by twentieth century philosophers. In lively and engaging prose, Baker and Morris present a radical revision of the ways in which Descartes' work has been interpreted. Descartes emerges with both his historical importance assured and his philosophical importance redeemed.


ISBN 415101212
ISBN13 9780415101219
Publisher Routledge
Format Hardback
Publication date 07/12/1995
Pages 249
Weight (grammes) 521
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 234
Width (mm) 156

Abreviations and shortened titles. 1 Visions - the programme, the strategy. 2. Cartesian Dualism - The Two wrold View, Consciousness and Clockwork, Catesian Introspection and Cartesian Observation, Cartesian Interaction. 3. A Shadow of a doubt - the two worlds view, Consciousness and Clockwork, Cartesian Introspection and Cartesian Observation, Cartesian Interaction. 4. Descartes' Dualism, The two-substances view, rational souls and sentient machines, self-knowledge, God and 'Our Nature as Union of Mind and Body', summary. 5. Revisions Descartes' Dualilsm: Neglected Aspects, Assesments of Descartes' Dualism, Metaphysics and concept formation, Conceptual Changes, Swapping New for Old, Division of Labour, Philosophical Imagination. Bibliography.
Index of citations from Descartes.
Name Index . Subject Index.