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Ideas for a New World Economy


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Ideas for a New World Economy

by Walden Bello (Author)



ISBN: 9781842775448


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A landmark work in dissecting global capitalism's multitude of failings and offering a viable, more equitable, alternative.

How to manage the global economy - and, more fundamentally, whether humanity wishes it to go in an ever more market-oriented, transnational corporation-dominated, and capital-footloose direction - is the most important international question of our time. In this short and trenchant history of those bodies -- the World Bank, IMF, WTO, and Group of Seven -- which have promoted this economic globalization, Walden Bello: - Points to their manifest failings; - Examines the major new ideas put forward for reforming the management of the world economy; - Argues for a much more fundamental shift towards a decentralized, pluralistic system of global economic governance allowing countries to follow development strategies sensitive to their own values and particular mix of constraints and opportunities.


ISBN 1842775448
ISBN13 9781842775448
Publisher Zed Books Ltd
Format Hardback
Publication date 30/06/2004
Pages 162
Weight (grammes) 454
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 204
Width (mm) 134

* Foreword to the New Edition: The Crisis of the Globalist Project and the New Economics of George W. Bush
* The crisis of the globalist project
* Three moments of the crisis of globalization
* The New Economics of George W. Bush
* The economics and politics of over-extension
* 1. Introduction: The Multiple Crises of Global Capitalism

** From triumph to crisis
** Multilateralism in disarray
** The crisis of the neoliberal order
** The corporation under question
** Cracks in military hegemony
** Degeneration of liberal democracy
** The spectre of global deflation
** Rise of the movement
** Contradictory trends after September 11
** 'Imperial Overstretch'
** Liberal democracy loses
** Porto Alegre and the future

* 2. Marginalizing the South in the International System

** The rise of UNCTAD
** The Bretton Woods twins versus the UN Development system
** The southern challenge in the 1970s
** Rightwing reaction and the demonization of the south
** Resubordinating the south
** The World Trade Organization: third pillar of the system
** The Group of Seven: an international directorate?

* 3. Sidestepping Democracy at the Multilateral Agencies

** The World Bank
** The International Monetary Fund
** The World Trade Organization
** 4. The Crisis of Legitimacy
** The IMF's Stalingrad
** The past catches up
** Meltzer and the World Bank
** The WTO on the road to Seattle

* 5. The Vicissitudes of Reform, 1998-2002

** Reforming the global financial architecture
** From structural adjustment to poverty reduction?
** Non-democratic decision-making affirmed
** Decision-making at the WTO: From Seattle to Doha

* 6. Proposals for Reform of Global Governance: A Critical Analysis

** An economic security council?
** The Meltzer Commission proposal
** The 'back-to-the Bretton-Woods-system' school
** George Soros's alternative system

* 7. The Alternative: Deglobalization

** Deconstruction
** Deglobalizing in a pluralist world
** Selected Readings
** Selected Organizations Monitoring Multilateral Organizations and Global Governance Issues
** Index