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C.S. Lewis Called Him Master


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C.S. Lewis Called Him Master

by Charles Seper (Author)



ISBN: 9780615149073


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Many readers come to George MacDonald's fantasy literature by way of C.S. Lewis who lauded him as, "my master", or G.K. Chesterton who referred to him as one of the three or four greatest men of the 19th century. However, MacDonald's stories are so complex, so full of twofold meanings, symbolical, metaphorical, and parabolic that many, if not most, readers find themselves perplexed after first coming upon him. "C.S. Lewis Called Him Master" attempts to explain the obscurity behind many of the passages in MacDonald's only two fantasies written for adults, "Lilith", and "Phantastes", while also providing the reader with a brief, but adequate, examination of George MacDonald's life and work. Also contained therein are several rare photos of the MacDonald family, many of them taken by fellow author and family friend Lewis Carroll. "C.S. Lewis Called Him Master" is an essential biography and study aid for students of George MacDonald's most intense works.


ISBN 615149073
ISBN13 9780615149073
Publisher Victor, Broadstreet & Johnson Publishing
Format Paperback
Publication date 20/06/2007
Pages 153
Weight (grammes) 239
Published in United States
Height (mm) 229
Width (mm) 152