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Greta Garbo's Feet & Other Stories

Meaghan Delahunt


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Demanding Democracy

Christopher Silver


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From Boy to Man

Colin Kirkwood


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The Sands of Time

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The BACP Counselling Reader


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The BACP Counselling Reader

Stephen Palmer (Editor)
Pat Milner (Editor)



ISBN: 9780761964193


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Combining accessible research studies with professional and personal reflections, the Reader draws on a diverse and authoritative range of articles to cover the key aspects of counselling, including:
* counselling approaches
* contexts and practice
* counselling issues
* research; and
* future trends The Reader is ideal for use in training. It provides a wealth of source material and each article concludes with discussion issues to help initiate further thought and study. Students, trainees and practitioners in counselling and other professions will find this essential reading which challenges them to think deeply about counselling as it is practised today, and as it will be in the future.


ISBN 761964193
ISBN13 9780761964193
Publisher SAGE Publications Inc
Format Hardback
Publication date 29/08/2001
Pages 680
Weight (grammes) 1315
Published in United States
Height (mm) 242
Width (mm) 170

PART ONE: COUNSELLING APPROACHES Introduction to Part One Challenging the Core Theoretical Model - Colin Feltham A Sound Foundation for Counsellor Competence - Sue Wheeler

The Case for a Core Theoretical Model On the Quest for a Person-Centred Paradigm - Ivan Ellingham Solution-Focused Therapy in Practice - Christina Saunders

A Personal Experience Person-Centred Counselling and Solution-Focused Therapy - Jonathan Hales Problem-Solving Counselling - Michael Neenan and Stephen Palmer On Becoming a Psychodynamic Counsellor - John Lees

Learning about Countertransference Mentoring as Change Agency - John O'Brien

A Psychodynamic Approach Towards Cognitive-Humanistic Counselling - Richard Nelson-Jones Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy - Michael Neenan and Windy Dryden

An Overview Psychosynthesis - Diana Whitmore

A Psychology With a Soul In the Counsellor's Chair - Stephen Palmer interviews Professor Arnold A Lazarus

Multi-Modal Therapy From Education to Art Therapy - Sydney Klugman Writing - A Therapeutic Space - Gillie Bolton

Opening the Box A Relational Model of Counselling - Geoff Pelham, Stephen Paul and Peter Holmes PART TWO COUNSELLING CONTEXTS AND PRACTICE Introduction to Part Two Counselling Holocaust Survivors - Irene Bloomfield An Experience of Intercultural Counselling - Tuck Chee Phung

Views from a Black Client In the Counsellor's Chair - Aisha Dupont-Joshua interviews Lennox Thomas

Inter-Cultural Counselling Issues Raised in a Counselling Support Group for HIV+ People in Zambia - Tom[um]as Campbell, Tashisho Chabala and Gita Sheth Group Therapy for Women with Eating Problems - Cathy Richards and Catherine McKisack A Further Look at Group Therapy for Women with Eating Disorders in a University Setting - Peter Ross General Practice Counselling - Richard House

A Plea for Ideological Engagement Depression - Janet Boakes The Aftermath of Suicide - Alice Middleton and David I Williams The Limitations of Current Theories in Understanding Bereavement and Grief - Peter Farrell The Social Model of Disability - Tony Makin A Deaf Counselling Trainee - Pauline Monks and Linda Martin

Can It Work? Counselling Women in Prison - Angela Devlin Counselling Intervention with Men Who Batter - Calvin Bell

Partner Safety and the Duty to Warn A Fair Deal for Lesbians in Therapy - Cordelia Galgut

A Point of View and an Ethical Issue? Working with Lesbian and Gay Clients - Lyndsey Moon Adopted and at home With the World - Lesley Marks

A Message for Coubsellors Working with Children in a Family and Divorce Centre - Birgit Carolin Critical Incident Debriefing - Frank Parkinson Psychological Trauma - Suzanna Rose

An Historical Perspective Stress Management and Counselling - Michael Neenan and Stephen Palmer The Aftermath of Abuse - Moira Walker

The Effects of Counselling on the Client and the Counsellor Child Sexual Abuse - Colin Crawford and Billy McCullough

The Wider Context Attitudes to Ageing - Yvonne Craig

Its Social Construction, Deconstruction and Reconstruction Partnership - Jane Robins

Some Effects of Childhood Scripts on Intimate Relationships PRACTICAL APPROACHES Introduction to Practical Approaches Reflective Practice - Gladeana McMahon Assessment and Contracting - Gabrielle Syme Referral Letters - Sue Warren-Holland Case-Study Writing - Mary Parker Note-taking and Administration for Counselling Supervisors - Gladeana McMahon PART THREE: COUNSELLING ISSUES Introduction to Part Three The Wisest Counsel? - Raj Persaud Can Psychotherapies Seriously Damage Your Health? - Pittu Laungani Therapy Checklist for Clients and Those Already in Therapy - Stephen Palmer and Kasia Szymanska Making the Most of Therapy - Sheila Dainow

How to Help Clients Get the Best from You In the Counsellor's Chair - Judith Longman interviews Professor Ernesto Spinelli

Counselling and the Abuse of Power Ethics for the Counselling Office - Petruska Clarkson 'Menage a Trois' - Janice Russell and Graham Dexter

Accreditation, NVQs and BAC Whither Are We Led and by Whom? - John Foskett

A Reaction to 'Menage a Trois' The Role of Group Work in Counsellor Training - Judi Irving and Dave I Williams The Case for Group Work in Counsellor Training - Amelia Lyons

A Response
HMIs Powers to Inspect Student Counsellors - Tim Bond In the Counsellor's Chair - Stephen Palmer interviews Ms Ling Gui Rui and Ms Hou Zhijin

Student Counselling and Counsellor Training in China Counsellor in Court - Pemma Littlehailes Confidentiality and the Law - Roger Litton, Mark Scoggins and Stephen Palmer From Transference to False Memory - Peter Jenkins

Counsellor Liability in an Age of Litigation Solution-Focused Supervision - Bill O'Connell and Caroline Jones Supervising Short-Term Psychodynamic Work - Gertrud Mander On the Death of a Client - Maureen Murphy Farewell Sonia - Jackie de Smith Empathy and the 'As If' Condition - Susan Ridge, David Martin and William Campbell

Any Room for Conscious Identification Congruence and Countertransference - Paul Wilkins

Similarities and Differences Humour in the Psychotherapeutic Relationship - Marie Adams

Not to Be Trifled with COUNSELLING DILEMMAS Introduction to Counselling Dilemmas
Clients Ending Counselling - Fiona Palmer-Barnes, Gabrielle Syme, Stephen Crawford, Michael Jacobs and Joy Schaverien To Hug a Client - Or Not? - Fiona Palmer-Barnes, Gill Westland, Diana Whitmore, Caroline Jones and May Brun Suicide Threat - Caroline Jones, Fiona Palmer-Barnes, Hillary Ratna and Anne Garland PRACTICE DILEMMAS Clients Becoming Counsellors? - Susie Lendrum, Roger Casemore, Janet Watson and Simon Needs Student Appeals - Roger Casemore, Cathy Carroll, Janet Tolan, Gaye Giles and Derek Hill Counsellors Ending Counselling - Simon Needs, Derek Hill, Dawn Collins, Carole Pucknell and Val Potter A Bereaved Counsellor and Supervision - Gladeana McMahon, Bill O'Connell, Roger Casemore and Fiona Purdie PART FOUR:
COUNSELLING AND RESEARCH Introduction to Part Four What is Truth? - Gordon Lynch

A Philosophical Introduction to Counselling Research Critical Subjectivity - William West

Use of the Self in Counselling Research Do Brief Interventions Reduce Waiting Times for Counselling? - Judith M Brech and Peter L Agulnik Primary Care Counsellors' Experiences of Supervision - Mary Burton, Penny Henderson and Graham Curtis Jenkins On What Basis Do General Practitioners Make Referrals? - Margaret Ward and Del Lowenthal Counselling Supervision - David King and Sue Wheeler

To Regulate or Not to Regulate? Students' Everyday Problems - Andrew Grayson, David Clarke and Hugh Miller

A Systematic Qualitative Analysis Cross-Cultural / Racial Matching in Counselling and Therapy - Roy Moodley and Shukla Dhingra

White Clients and Black Counsellors Therapeutic Issues for Sexually Abused Adult Males - Kim Etherington Marketing Counselling Courses - Patricia Hunt PART FIVE: FUTURE TRENDS Introduction to Part Five The Move Towards Brief Therapy - Brian Thorne

Its Dangers and Its Challenges The Professionalisation of Counselling - Sue Wheeler

Is it Possible? Counselling as a Social Process - John McLeod Counselling and Psychotherapy in a Multicultural Context - Roy Moodley

Some Training Issues Computer Therapeutics - Colin Lago Counselling by e-mail - Steve Page The Challenge of the Internet - Stephen Goss, Dave Robson and Deborah E Renard PART SIX: THE LAST WORD Introduction to Part Six Preparing the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy for a New Future - Kenneth J Lewis