Commerce and Conquest in the Mediterranean, 1100-1500


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Commerce and Conquest in the Mediterranean, 1100-1500

by David Abulafia (Author)



ISBN: 9780860783770


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From the 12th century, merchants from north Italian and southern French towns were able to take advantage of Christian conquests in Italy, Sicily and the Levant to dominate the markets of those regions and of North Africa. This book examines the impact of this combination of conquest and trade.

Le recueil comprend des etudes sur la survie des Juifs et des Musulmans en Sicile, sur le debat a propos du 'sous-developpement' de l'Italie meridionale, de la Sicile et de la Sardaigne au Moyen Age, sur les rapports entre les dirigeants de ces regions et les marchands, ainsi que sur la penetration mercantile du royaume de Jerusalem, de Chypre et de Tunis, dans le sillon des Croises et des rois de Sicile.


ISBN 860783774
ISBN13 9780860783770
Publisher Variorum
Format Hardback
Publication date 16/07/1993
Pages 352
Weight (grammes) 750
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 224
Width (mm) 150

Contents: Introduction
Southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia in the medieval Mediterranean economy
Le origini del dualismo economico italiano
The end of Muslim Sicily
L'attivita commerciale genovese nell'Africa normanna: la citta di Tripoli
The reputation of a Norman king in Angevin Naples
Pisan commercial colonies and consulates in 12th-century Sicily
A Tyrrhenian triangle: Tuscany, Sicily, Tunis, 1277-1300
Una communita ebraica della Sicilia occidentale: Erice 1298-1304
The Crown and the economy under Ferrante of Naples (1458-1494)
Gli italiani fuori Italia
The Levant trade of the minor cities in the 13th and 14th centuries: strengths and weaknesses
The merchants of Messina: Levant trade and domestic economy
The Anconitan privileges in the kingdom of Jerusalem and the Levant trade of Ancona
Narbonne, the lands of the Crown of Aragon and the Levant trade 1187-1400
Genoa and the security of the seas: the mission of Babilano Lomellino in 1350
Invented Italians in the Courtois Charters