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Carole Pateman
Democracy, Feminism, Welfare


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Carole Pateman
Democracy, Feminism, Welfare

by Carole Pateman (Author)
Samuel A. Chambers (Editor)
Terrell Carver (Editor)



ISBN: 9780415781121


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Pateman's career achievements in democratic and feminist theory are brought productively to bear on debates that would otherwise occur in more limited, and less provocative, academic and political contexts.


ISBN 415781124
ISBN13 9780415781121
Publisher Routledge
Format Paperback
Publication date 29/07/2011
Pages 256
Weight (grammes) 408
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 234
Width (mm) 156

Introduction: Pateman's Innovations Terrell Carver and Sam Chambers
Part 1: Democracy and Political Theory
1. Political Culture, Political Structure and Political Change
2. A Contribution to the Political Theory of Organizational Democracy
3. Political Obligation and the Sword of Leviathan
4. If Voting Could Change Anything, it Would be Illegal
5. Feminism and Democracy
Part 2: Women in Political Theory
6. The Shame of the Marriage Contract
7. Sex and Power
8. Equality, Difference, Subordination
9. Three Questions about Womanhood Suffrage
Part 3: Political Theory of Welfare
10. Wollstoncraft
11. The Legacy of T.H.Marshall
12. Freedom and Democratization
13. Another Way Foreward
14. An Interview with Carole Pateman Interview questions from Terrell Carver and Samuel A Chambers