BPS Manual of Psychology Practicals
Experiment, Observation and Correlation


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BPS Manual of Psychology Practicals
Experiment, Observation and Correlation

by Paul Humphreys (Author)
Robert McIlvern (Editorial Coordination)
Alison Wadeley (Editorial Coordination)
Louise Higgins (Editorial Coordination)



ISBN: 9781854330741


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Focusing on psychology teaching in schools, FE colleges and undergraduate courses, this work presents 19 practicals, covering discussion and report writing, data analysis, graphical and statistical presentation of findings and the ethics of experimentation.

This manual contains 15 carefully tested practical exercises designed to encourage students to explore and compare the experimental, observational and correlational methods of psychological investigation. All exercises can be carried out with the minimum of equipment: sufficient detail is given to enable students to replicate and modify exercises for themselves. Copyright on the appendices has been waived for this purpose.


ISBN 1854330748
ISBN13 9781854330741
Publisher BPS Blackwell
Format Paperback
Publication date 29/01/1993
Pages 240
Weight (grammes) 526
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 272
Width (mm) 189

The Experimental Method.
1. Preface to the Experimental Method.
2. Experimenter Bias Effects: unintentional versus intentional factors.
3. Data Gathering for Parapsychological Research.
4. Hand preference and Hand Skill.
5. Estimating I.Q.
6. Evaluating a Technique to Aid the Learning of People's Names.
The Observational Method.
7. Preface to the Observational Method.
8. Sex Role Stereotyping in British Television.
9. An Investigation of Attributional Bias in a Real World Setting.
10. An Investigation of Attributional Bias in a Real World Setting.
11. Observational Studies of Pedestrian Behaviour.
12. A Survey of Conservatism.
13. Gender Differences in the Aggressive Behaviour of Schoolchildren
The Correlational Method.
14. Preface to the Correlational Method.
15. The Basis of People's Fear of Animals.
16. Assessing the Relationship between Adults' Attitudes towards Mental Health.
17. Liking for, and Familiarity with, Male Forenames: A Partial Replication of Colman, Hargreaves and Sluckin.
18. Locus of Control and Stress: An Investigation into the Relationship between Perceptions of Controllability of Events and Levels of Reported Stress.
19. Approaches to Study and Academic Performance.