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Jonathan M. Keith (Editor)



ISBN: 9781617378959


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In Bioinformatics, leading researchers in the field provide a selection of the most useful and widely applicable methods, able to be applied as is, or with minor variations, to many specific problems. Over 80 authors from around the globe have contributed.

In Bioinformatics, leading researchers provide a selection of the most useful and widely applicable methods, able to be applied as is, or with minor variations, to many specific problems. Volume II: Structure, Function and Applications contains methods pertinent to the prediction of protein and RNA structures and the analysis and classification of structures, methods for inferring the function of previously identified genomic elements, chiefly protein-coding genes, medical applications in diagnostics and drug discovery, and "meta-methods" for developers of bioinformatics algorithms. Over 80 authors from around the globe have contributed to the two volumes.


ISBN 161737895
ISBN13 9781617378959
Publisher Humana Press Inc.
Format Paperback
Publication date 18/12/2010
Pages 506
Weight (grammes) 1259
Published in United States
Height (mm) 260
Width (mm) 193

Bioinformatics: Volume II: Structure, Function and Applications
Section I: Structures
Chapter 1. UNAFold: Software for Nucleic Acid Folding and Hybridization Nicholas R. Markham and Michael Zuker
Chapter 2. Protein Structure Prediction Bissan Al-Lazikani, Emma E. Hill and Veronica Morea
Chapter 3. An Introduction to Protein Contact Prediction Nicholas Hamilton and Thomas Huber
Chapter 4. Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data in Proteomics Rune Matthiesen and Ole N. Jensen
Chapter 5. The Classification of Protein Domains Russell L. Marsden and Christine A. Orengo
Section II: Inferring Function
Chapter 6. Inferring Function from Homology Richard D. Emes
Chapter 7. The Rosetta Stone Method Shailesh V. Date
Chapter 8. Inferring Functional Relationships from Conservation of Gene Order Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb
Chapter 9. Phylogenetic Profiling Shailesh V. Date, Jose M Peregrin-Alvarez
Chapter 10. Phylogenetic Shadowing: Sequence Comparisons of Multiple Primate Species Dario Boffelli
Chapter 11. Prediction of Regulatory Elements Albin Sandelin
Chapter 12. Expression and Microarrays Joaquin Dopazo and Fatima Al-Shahrour
Chapter 13. Identifying Components of Complexes Nicolas Goffard and Georg Weiller
Chapter 14. Integrating Functional Genomics Data Insuk Lee and Edward M. Marcotte
Section III: Applications and Disease
Chapter 15. Computational Diagnostics with Gene Expression Profiles Claudio Lottaz, Dennis Kostka, Florian Markowetz and Rainer Spang
Chapter 16. Analysis of Quantitative Trait Loci MarioFalchi
Chapter 17. Molecular Similarity Concepts and Search Calculations Jens Auer and Jurgen Bajorath
Chapter 18. Optimization of the MAD Algorithm for Virtual Screening Hanna Eckert and Jurgen Bajorath
Chapter 19. Combinatorial Optimization Models for Finding Genetic Signatures from Gene Expression Datasets Regina Berretta, Wagner Costa and Pablo Moscato
Chapter 20. Genetic Signatures for a Rodent Model of Parkinson's Disease Using Combinatorial Optimization Methods Mou'ath Hourani, Regina Berretta, Alexandre Mendes and Pablo Moscato
Section IV: Analytical and Computational Methods
Chapter 21. Developing Fixed-Parameter Algorithms to Solve Combinatorially Explosive Biological Problems Falk Huffner, Rolf Niedermeier and Sebastian Wernicke
Chapter 22. Clustering Geoffrey J. McLachlan, R. W. Bean and S. K. Ng
Chapter 23. Visualization Falk Schreiber
Chapter 24. Constructing Computational Pipelines Mark Halling-Brown and Adrian J. Shepherd
Chapter 25. Text mining Andrew B. Clegg and Adrian J. Shepherd