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Greta Garbo's Feet & Other Stories

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Demanding Democracy

Christopher Silver


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Colin Kirkwood


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Panos M. Pardalos (Editor)
Jose C. Principe (Editor)



ISBN: 9781402006418


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Includes seminal contributions in genomics, global optimization in biomedicine, computational neuroscience, FMRI, brain dynamics, and epileptic seizure prediction. This volume is suitable for students of biomedical engineering and biocomputing, and to the scientists in various disciplines who need to learn more about biomedical computing.

You will find seminal contributions in genomics, global optimization, computational neuroscience, FMRI, brain dynamics, epileptic seizure prediction and cancer diagnostics. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the sponsors, the authors of the papers, the anonymous referees, and Kluwer Academic Publishers for making the conference successful and the publication of this volume possible. Panos M. Pardalos and Jose C.


ISBN 1402006411
ISBN13 9781402006418
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Format Hardback
Publication date 00/06/2002
Pages 274
Weight (grammes) 571
Published in United States
Height (mm) 234
Width (mm) 156

Preface. 1. Making Sense of Brain Waves: The Most
Baffling Frontier in Neuroscience
W.J. Freeman. 2.
Computational and Interpretive Genomics
S.A. Benner. 3.
Optimized Needle Biopsy Strategies for Prostate Cancer Detection

A. Sofer, J. Zeng. 4. Phase Entrainment and Predictability
of Epileptic Seizures
L.D. Iasemidis, et al. 5.
Self-Organizing Maps
J. Si, et al. 6. Finding Transition
States Using the LTP Algorithm
C. Cardenas-Lailhacar, M.C.
Zerner. 7. A Simple Approximation Algorithm for
Nonoverlapping Local Alignments (Weighted independent Sets of Axis
Parallel Rectangles)
P. Berman, B. DasGupta. 8. Combined
Application of Global Optimization and Nonlinear Dynamics to Detect
State Resetting in Human Epilepsy
J.C. Sackellares, et al.
9. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Analysis with
Information-theoretic Approaches
Qun Zhao, et al. 10.
Yeast SAGE Expression Levels are Related to Calculated mRNA Folding
Free Energies
W. Seffens, et al. 11. Sources and Sinks in
Medical Image Analysis
K. Siddiqi. 12. Classical and
Quantum Controlled Lattices: Self-Organization, Optimization and
Biomedical Applications
P.M. Pardalos, et al. 13.
Computational Methods for Epilepsy Diagnosis. Visual Perception and
R. Ruseckaite. 14. Hardness and the Potential Energy
Function in Internal Rotations: A Generalized Symmetry-Adapted
Interpolation Procedure
C. Cardenas-Lailhacar.