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Meaghan Delahunt


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Christopher Silver


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Molecules, Cells and the Body


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Molecules, Cells and the Body

by Jim Morrison (Author)
by Lyndsay Gordon (Author)
by etc. (Author)
by Jocelyn Dow (Author)



ISBN: 9780201631876


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Provides a concise and relevant presentation of the biochemistry required by medical students today, making the essential aspects of the subject in relation to the function of the body clear and understandable at every level.

This concise and up-to-date text provides medical students with a complete introduction to biochemistry in its clinical context. Biochemistry is also an invaluable text for science courses allied to medicine.


ISBN 201631873
ISBN13 9780201631876
Publisher Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc
Format Paperback
Publication date 15/11/1995
Pages 608
Weight (grammes) 1510
Published in United States
Height (mm) 276
Width (mm) 219

Part A: Molecules and Cells Biochemistry, biology and medicine Small molecules Cells, organelles and membranes Part B: Information in Biological Systems: Its function, expression and storage Proteins as functional units: sequence, structure and modification Genes and their expression: RNA in the generation and translation of messages DNA as the store of biological information: the nature and replication of genomes Glossary of molecular biological terms Part C: Cellular Biochemistry An introduction to metabolic processes and energy production in mitochondria The metabolism of glucose: storage and energy generation Lipid metabolism Metabolism of nitrogen-containing molecules Part D: Tissues of the body :Their structure, functions and interactions Communication between cells and tissues: hormones, transmitters and growth factors Blood: molecular functions of cells and plasma The molecular and metabolic activities of multicellular tissues From food to energy: molecular aspects of digestion and nutrition The structural tissues Part E: Molecular medicine: Immunology, genetics and mechanisms of infection Immunoglobulins and defence mechanisms of the body The molecular genetic basis of disease Invaders of the body