Awakening and Sleep-wake Cycle Across Development


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Awakening and Sleep-wake Cycle Across Development

Gianluca Ficca (Editor)
Piero Salzarulo (Editor)



ISBN: 9789027251589


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The "Advances in Consciousness Research" provides a forum for scholars from different scientific disciplines and fields of knowledge who study consciousness in its multifacted aspects. This volume deals with aspects of sleep and wakefulness across human development.

Clinical contexts offer an opportunity to show both quantitative and qualitative changes of awakening and arousals in different pathological conditions. Either partial changes of one physiological variable or global and massive changes can be observed. (Series B)


ISBN 9027251584
ISBN13 9789027251589
Publisher John Benjamins Publishing Co
Format Paperback
Publication date 14/01/2002
Pages 289
Weight (grammes) 450
Published in Netherlands
Height (mm) 220
Width (mm) 150

1. Awakening: Which changes across development? (by Salzarulo, Piero), p1-5
2. 1. Methodological issues
3. Development of wakefulness: Re-awakening a neglected topic (by Hopkins, Brian), p7-22
4. Methodological issues in the study of arousals and awakenings during sleep in the human infant (by Hayes, Marie), p23-45
5. Awakening from infants' sleep: Some remarks on definitions, methodology and research issues (by Ficca, Gianluca), p47-62
6. Arousals in infants during the first year of life: Argument for new definitions and criteria (by Ariagno, Ronald L.), p63-78
7. 2. Trends of sleep-wake cycle and awakenings across the development
8. Spontaneous arousal and awakening in preterm and full-term infants (by Curzi-Dascalova, Lilia), p79-93
9. Awakening and sleep-wake cycle in infants (by Fagioli, Igino), p95-114
10. Awakenings in school age children (by Bruni, Oliviero), p115-129
11. 3. Physiological and environmental influences on awakenings
12. Awakenings, sleep-wake cycle and thermal environment in neonates (by Bach, Veronique), p131-148
13. Time pattern analysis of activity-rest rhythms in families with infants using actigraphy (by Wulff, Katharina), p149-169
14. The eyes of parents on infants awakening (by Giganti, Fiorenza), p171-185
15. Mother-infant relationship as a modulator of night waking (by Scher, Anat), p187-198
16. 4. Clinical contexts
17. Sleep fragmentation and awakening during development: Insights from actigraphic studies (by Sadeh, Avi), p199-211
18. Arousals and awakenings in infancy: Evaluation for clinical context (by Vecchierini, Marie Francoise), p213-232
19. Arousal responses to hypercapnia and hypoxia in infants and children (by Gaultier, Claude), p233-251
20. The scoring of arousals in infants: A report on the ongoing work of the Pediatric "Wake-Up Club" (by Groswasser, Jose), p253-270
21. Index of names, p271-276
22. Index of terms, p277-281