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Argument and Persuasion in Descartes' "Meditations"


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Argument and Persuasion in Descartes' "Meditations"

by David Cunning (Author)



ISBN: 9780195399608


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He proposes that Descartes is reflecting on what happens in philosophical inquiry: we are unclear about something, we roam about using our existing concepts and intuitions, we abandon or revise some of these, and then eventually we come to see a result as clear that we did not see as clear before. Thus Cunning's fundamental insight is that Descartes is a teacher, and the reader a student. With that reading in mind, a significant number of the interpretive problems that arise in the Descartes literature dissolve when we make a distinction between the Cartesian and non-Cartesian elements of the Meditations, and a better understanding of surrounding texts is achieved as well. This important volume will be of great interest to scholars of early modern philosophy.


ISBN 195399609
ISBN13 9780195399608
Publisher Oxford University Press Inc
Format Hardback
Publication date 19/08/2010
Pages 248
Weight (grammes) 506
Published in United States
Height (mm) 241
Width (mm) 165

1. The Problem of the First-Person Point-of-View
2. . Epistemic Position and the First Meditation
Imagining Mind and Body
The Idea of a Supreme Being
Truth and Imprecision in the Fourth Meditation
Another Proof of the Existence of God
Embodiment and Union
The Post-Meditations Meditator
9. Worries About Descartes' Method and its Implementation
Philosophical Inquiry and the Problem of Current Commitments