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Christopher Silver


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Applied Methods for Trade Policy Analysis
A Handbook


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Applied Methods for Trade Policy Analysis
A Handbook

Kenneth A. Reinert (Editor)
Joseph F. Francois (Editor)



ISBN: 9780521589970


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This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the applied economic modeling of trade policies.

Applied Methods for Trade Policy Analysis provides a comprehensive introduction to the applied economic modeling of trade policies. The book introduces the reader to trade policy concepts, welfare measurement, accounting frameworks, and both partial and general equilibrium modeling approaches. It first covers these topics at a basic level and then introduces the reader to a number of more advanced topics: imperfect competition, dynamic modeling, labour market structure, and environmental modeling. Economic graduate students, professors, and policy makers will find the collection to be an important reference tool.


ISBN 521589975
ISBN13 9780521589970
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Format Paperback
Publication date 13/02/1998
Pages 580
Weight (grammes) 910
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 228
Width (mm) 152

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A note to readers
Part I. Introduction: 1. Applied methods for trade policy analysis: an overview Joseph F. Francois and Kenneth A. Reinert
Part II. Basic Frameworks: 2. Quantifying commercial policies Samuel Laird
3. Measuring welfare changes with distortions William J. Martin
4. Social accounting matrices Kenneth A. Reinert and David W. Roland-Holst
5. Partial equilibrium modeling Joseph F. Francois and H. Keith Hall
6. Simple general equilibrium modeling Shantayanan Devarajan, Delfin S. Go, Jeffrey D. Lewis, Sherman Robinson and Pekka Sinko
Part III. Standard Applications: 7. Sector-focused general equilibrium modeling Bruce A. Blonigen, Joseph E. Flynn and Kenneth A. Reinert
8. Multi-market, multi-region partial equilibrium modeling Vernon O. Roningen
9. Multi-region general equilibrium modeling Thomas W. Hertel, Elena Ianchovichina and Bradley J. McDonald
10. Household disaggregation Farida C. Khan
Part IV. Extensions: 11. Scale economies and imperfect competition Joseph F. Francois and David W. Roland-Holst
12. Capital accumulation in applied trade models Joseph F. Francois, Bradley J. McDonald and Hakan Nordstrom
13. Dynamics of trade liberalization Christian Keuschnigg and Wilhelm Kohler
14. Trade and labour market behaviour Karen E. Thierfelder and Clinton R. Shiells
15. Labour market structure and conduct Andrea M. Maechler and David W. Roland-Holst
16. Trade and the environment Hiro Lee and David W. Roland-Holst
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