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An Economic History of South Africa
Conquest, Discrimination, and Development


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An Economic History of South Africa
Conquest, Discrimination, and Development

by Charles H. Feinstein (Author)



ISBN: 9780521616416


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This book examines five hundred years of South African economic history.

This book is the first economic history of South Africa in over sixty years. Professor Charles H. Feinstein offers an authoritative survey of five hundred years of South African economic history from the years preceding European settlements in 1652 through to the post-Apartheid era. He charts the early phase of slow growth, and then the transformation of the economy as a result of the discovery of diamonds and gold in the 1870s, followed by the rapid rise of industry in the wartime years. The final chapters cover the introduction of apartheid after 1948, and its consequences for economic performance. Special attention is given to the processes by which the black population were deprived of their land, and to the methods by which they were induced to supply labour for white farms, mines and factories. This book will be essential reading for students in economics, African history, imperial history and politics.


ISBN 521616417
ISBN13 9780521616416
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Format Paperback
Publication date 23/06/2005
Pages 328
Weight (grammes) 480
Published in United Kingdom
Height (mm) 228
Width (mm) 152

1. Setting the context: South Africa in international perspective
2. Seizing the land: conquest and dispossession
3. Making the labour force: Coercion and discrimination
4. Creating the colour bar: formal barriers, poor whites, and 'civilized' labour
5. Exporting the gold: the vital role of the mineral revolution
6. Transforming the economy: the rise of manufacturing and commercial agriculture
7. Separating the races: the imposition of apartheid
8. Forcing the pace: rapid progress despite constraints
9. Hitting the barriers: from triumph to disaster: 10. Confronting the contradictions: the final crisis and the retreat from apartheid.