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After We Die
The Life and Times of the Human Cadaver


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After We Die
The Life and Times of the Human Cadaver

by Norman L. Cantor (Author)



ISBN: 9781589016958


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What will become of our earthly remains? What happens to our bodies during and after the various forms of cadaver disposal available? Who controls the fate of human remains? What legal and moral constraints apply? The author provides a graphic, informative, and entertaining exploration of these questions.

"After We Die" outlines the limits that "post-mortem human dignity" poses upon disposal options, particularly the use of a cadaver or its parts in educational or artistic displays. Contemporary illustrations of these complex issues abound. In 2007, the well-publicized death of Anna Nicole Smith highlighted the passions and disputes surrounding the handling of human remains. Similarly, following the 2003 death of baseball great Ted Williams, the family in-fighting and legal proceedings surrounding the corpse's proposed cryogenic disposal also raised contentious questions about the physical, legal, and ethical issues that emerge after we die. In the tradition of Sherwin Nuland's "How We Die", Cantor carefully and sensitively addresses the post-mortem handling of human remains.


ISBN 1589016955
ISBN13 9781589016958
Publisher Georgetown University Press
Format Hardback
Publication date 14/10/2010
Pages 384
Weight (grammes) 749
Published in United States
Height (mm) 229
Width (mm) 152

Part I: Status and Rights of the Cadaver
1. When Does a Person Become a Corpse?
2. The Human Nature of a Cadaver
3. The Legal Status of the Postliving: Do Corpses Have Rights?
Part II: Disposition of Human Remains
4. Decomposition of the Body and Efforts to Slow Its Disintegration
5. Final Disposal of Human Remains
6. Eternal Preservation of the Deceased: Literally and Figuratively
Part III: The Multiple Roles of a Cadaver
7. The Cadaver as Supplier of Used Body Parts
8. The Cadaver as Teacher, Research Subject, or Forensic Witness
9. The Cadaver as Parent
Part IV: Abuses of the Cadaver: What Does Decency Demand?
10. Body Snatching, Then and Now
11. Desecration of Human Remains
12. Public Display and the Dignity of Human Remains
13. Don't Neglect the Fate of Your Remains
List of Cases