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Action, Ability and Health
Essays in the Philosophy of Action and Welfare


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Action, Ability and Health
Essays in the Philosophy of Action and Welfare

by Lennart Nordenfelt (Author)



ISBN: 9789048154128


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This book is a contribution to the general philosophy of action and the philosophy of welfare. The author makes separate analyses of concepts such as action, ability, interaction, action-explanation, happiness, health, illness and disability. At the same time he explores and substantiates the idea of a strong interdependence between the concept of action and some of the central concepts of welfare, in particular health and illness and related concepts.


ISBN 904815412
ISBN13 9789048154128
Publisher Springer
Format Paperback
Publication date 07/12/2010
Pages 190
Weight (grammes) 302
Published in Netherlands
Height (mm) 235
Width (mm) 155

Preface. Introduction. Part I: Action Theory. 1.
Towards an ontology of episodes. 2. Towards an analysis of the
concept of action. 3. On complex actions: accomplishments and
projects. 4. On the explanation and determination of actions.
5. On the logical form of action-explanations. 6. On the
logical form of interaction. 7. Towards a theory of ability and
disability. Part II: Action-Theory as a Basis for the Theories of
Health and Welfare. 8. On the notion of health as
ability. 9. On the concepts of vital goal and happiness.
10. On the multiplicity of health concepts. Part III:
Action-Theoretic Applications in the Theory of Health and Health
Care. 11. On the technical notions of disability and
handicap: the WHO context. 12. On the complexity of autonomy.
13. A sketch for a theory of health enhancement. 14. On
the role of compulsion in mental illness. The case of forensic
psychiatry. Part IV: Summary of Basic Concepts. Glossary.
Bibliography. Index.